10 Most Popular Foods in Panama

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The cuisine of Panama is a perfect blend of African cuisine and Spanish cuisine with a slight touch of native American delicacies. The key ingredients of the diverse Panamanian cuisine are beans, rice, beef, pork, chicken, etc. Many of the desserts in Panama are made from tropical fruits found in the country. Let’s have a look at the most popular delicacies of Panama.

1. Sancocho de Gallina

This signature Panamanian dish is actually a chicken stew. In the hot climate of Panama, the Sancocho de Gallina would be a refreshing dish for every tourist. If you have a hangover or any fever, you should order the dish. This healthy stew is made with chicken drumsticks, corn, potatoes, carrots, and other vegetables. Spring onion is later spread on top of the dish.

Recipe for Sancocho de Gallina

2. Tamales

Apart from Panama, the dish is prevalent in many other countries of Latin America. This is mainly a dough made with corn, chicken, vegetables, raisins, etc. The entire preparation is wrapped in banana leaves and later steamed. This delightful recipe is apt for breakfast. During the winter holidays, people prepare the Tamales.

Recipe for Tamales

3. Ropa Vieja

In English, the recipe is named “old clothes” beef stew. There is a legend that in ancient Panama, poor people used to cook their old clothes as stew to deter hunger. This delicious meal is generally made with shredded beef, cumin, black pepper, etc. Serve the dish with fried rice if possible.

Recipe for Ropa Vieja

4. Carne Guisada

This is one of the spiciest beef stews pretty popular in Panama. This slow-cooked dish is made with bell pepper, tomatoes, onions, etc. It is clearly the main course item. So, you will have to order a side dish with the Carne Guisada.

Recipe for Carne Guisada

5. Tortillas

This is a disc-shaped Panamanian dish made mainly of corn. Natives of Panama either grill these tortillas or toast them. Foreign travelers generally prefer the dish for breakfast. Vegans need to know that the Tortillas contain one of two eggs. You can grate some white cheese on top of the dish.

Recipe for Tortillas

6. Porotos con rabito

In Panama, it is a tradition to cook various delicacies with pigtails. In this dish of Porotos con rabito, a few red beans are added. The natives of Panama make the dish like a stew. The entire stew is cooked in tomato paste. It will taste great with fried plantain.

Recipe for Porotos con rabito

7. Plantinta

Some people call it tart, and some call it pastry. We personally think of Plantinta as a traditional sweet pastry. This dish is made with lemon-flavored cream. The main dough of the Plantinta is cooked with flour, sugar, mature plantains, and so on.

Recipe for Plantinta

8. Ceviche

Seafood is a dominant ingredient of Panamanian cuisine. Many prefer to call the dish a fish cocktail. If you are planning to visit the beaches of Panama, you should definitely taste the dish of Ceviche. The natives of Panama add Corvina fish to the recipe.

Recipe for Ceviche

9. Raspado

This is a Panama special ice cream. Raspado is a sweet, savory dish made with evaporated milk and selected fruit juice. In the tropical heat of Panama, you will love having a glass full of Raspado. Your kids will love this particular ice cream of Raspado. If you want, you can add some frozen fruits to the recipe as well.

Recipe for Raspado

10. Enyucado

Popularly known as yuca cheesecake, the Enyucado is made with various local items. These are coconut, aniseed, yuca, and so on. This typical Enyucado dish is actually an ancient recipe, but it is still pretty popular among the natives of Panama. This sweet treat will make your dinner and lunch complete.

Recipe for Enyucado


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