10 Most Popular Foods in Palestine State

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Palestinian cuisine is similar to the cuisine of Jordan, Israel, and other Islamic countries to some extent. You will find several Turkish dishes in the state of Palestine. Falafel, Sfiha, tabouli, hummus, maqluba, etc., are popular dishes of Palestine. Some dominant ingredients of Palestinian cuisine are garlic, onion, coriander, mint, black pepper, and so on.

The Palestinian people are dependent on beef and lamb mostly. Let’s know about some of the delicacies of Palestine state.

1. Shakshouka

This is mainly a poached egg dish cooked in thick tomato gravy. This delicious dish is made with onions, tomatoes, etc. A number of spices are added to the recipe to make it extra savory and lip-smacking. This is originally a Tunisian dish, and it is widely popular in all North African countries. This dish can be used as a frozen breakfast.

Recipe for Shakshouka

2. Kunafah

The key ingredients of Kunafah are akkawi, sugar, cream, pistachios, walnuts, lemon, almonds, etc. This extraordinary recipe is served with Kaymak. This mouth-watering dish features two crunchy layers. Various types of cheese creams are placed on the surface of the dish, and it is better served warm.

Recipe for Kunafah

3. Musakhan

This Palestinian dish looks amazing and will boost your appetite almost instantly. Musakhan features roasted chicken, freshly cut caramelized onions, pine nuts, and so on. The chefs generally dip the dish in fresh olive oil. The dish of Musakhan is more like a lemon flavored tart. Serve the mouth-watering dish with bread and salad.

Recipe for Musakhan

4. Maqluba

This national dish of Palestine is pretty popular in Syria, Iraq, and other middle eastern countries. The vital ingredients of Maqluba are rice, cauliflower, onions, carrots, potatoes, turmeric, and other herbs. Cooked in olive oil, maqluba can be made with lamb, chicken, or any other meat. This layered dish is generally served with yogurt. You can use a yogurt maker here.

Recipe for Maqluba

5. Hummus

Hummus is an internationally popular delicacy with tangy flavor and an extraordinary texture. This dish is made with chickpeas, tahini, garlic, etc. This nutritious dish is used as a dip in many countries, including Palestine state. Hummus has been popular in Egypt since the 13th century.

Recipe for Hummus

6. Falafel

Falafels are nothing but protein-packed fritters, and these have been declared as the national dish of Israel. In the state of Palestine, falafels are sold on street stalls, local restaurants everywhere. To make the falafels delicious, coriander leaves, cumin, parsley leaves, chickpeas, flour, etc., are used. You can pair the dish with pita bread, hummus, amba, etc.

Recipe for Falafel

7. Kebab Halabi

From the name, it is evident that kebab Halabi is a grilled dish. Found in Middle Eastern countries, Kebab Halabi is served with a salad of tomato, onion, and cucumber. This delicious recipe is made with either ground beef or ground lamb. Don’t forget to put bell pepper in the dish.

Recipe for Kebab halabi

8. Mahshi lift

Mahshi Lift is a traditional Palestinian recipe made with stuffed tunip. Rice, minced lamb meat, onions, spices, and other herbs are used to prepare this dish of Mahshi Lift. The dish originated in Hebron. You can use beef or pasta to prepare the recipe as well.

Recipe For Mahshi Lift

9. Zibdieh

Do you know that the dish is cooked in a clay pot? The hero of the dish is the baked shrimp. The Zibdieh is cooked in fresh extra virgin olive oil with peeled tomatoes, hot peppers, garlic, and so on. Well, we think you should know that the dish is super spicy.

Recipe for Zibdieh

10. Bamia

This is a Palestine special stew made with different types of meats. In this recipe, middle eastern okra is used. Finally, the ingredients are stirred with tomato sauce. You can add some onion to the food as well.

Recipe for Bamia




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