10 Most Popular Foods in Palau

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Do you know that Palauan cuisine is heavily influenced by the delicacies of Indonesia, the Philippines, Japan, and other neighboring countries? Here, you will get world-class sushi, grilled meat, barbecue meat, sashimi, and so on.

The twisted Palauan cuisine also has a touch of Japanese cuisine, Chinese cuisine, etc. The natives of Palau depend on seafood too much. Let’s know about some popular savory dishes of Palau.

1. Tinola

Traditional dish of Tinola is mainly Palauan soup. It is made with chicken, ginger, green papaya, garlic, etc. This extraordinary Palauan dish is served on every festive occasion. Sick people can have this Tinola soup pretty often. Natives of Palau generally use chicken leg pieces to prepare this exotic dish. Have this soup with some onion rings.

Recipe for Tinola

2. Ulkoy

This is a deep-fried shrimp recipe with a crunchy texture. Every tourist coming to Palau should taste this authentic delicacy of Ulkoy. The Palauan Ulkoy are mainly fritters. These are nicely flavored with salt, pepper, creole seasoning. If you are a shrimp lover, you should definitely order this lip-smacking dish.

Recipe for Ulkoy

3. Halo-halo

Halo-halo is a sweet dessert served at the end of the main course in Palau. This creamy and custardy halo-halo is considered the national dessert of the Philippines. To make it supremely delicious, the chefs of Palau add caramel, vanilla, and brown sugar to the recipe. Your kids will fall in love with this summertime treat.

Recipe for Halo-halo

4. Taro Rosti

Taro is mainly a plant ubiquitously found in Palau. Chefs make various items such as taro soup, taro salads, taro cakes, etc., with this raw item. Among these delicacies, the Taro Rosti is pretty famous in Palau. This is nothing but a small potato patty with taro root. People add salt, onions, and pepper to the dish. In Palauan restaurants, the dish is served as a savory side dish.

Recipe for Taro Rosti

5. Tama

Made with eggs, milk, flour, and sugar, Tama is an excellent Palauan delicacy. The recipe of Tama has a crispy coating on the outside, and it features a sweet flavor. Tama is originally a fritter, and chefs try to provide it a spherical shape. Sometimes vanilla extracts are added to the dish of Tama.

Recipe for Tama

6. Fruit bat soup

The fruit bats are found in deep dark forests. This is mainly a dish. The dish of Fruit bat soup is actually made with the diet of the bats which hang from the trees. The bat diet includes flowers, fruits, etc.

Recipe for Fruit bat soup

7. Pichi-pichi

Pichi-Pichi is more like a Bengali dessert. This is mainly made with flour balls and sugar. After steaming the dish, you can sprinkle some grated coconut, cheese, etc., into the dish. Before serving, you can keep the dessert at room temperature easily. People use pandan extract in the recipe.

Recipe for Pichi-Pichi

8. Broiled fish

Traditional broiled fish is nothing but a butter-fried fish steak. The natives of Palau generally use freshwater fish fillets. The entire dish is cooked in extra virgin olive oil. In the Mediterranean region, the dish is quite popular as well.

Recipe for Broiled fish

9. Kava juice

The kava juices are pretty popular in the west pacific islands. In Palau, the Kava juice is served with all types of main courses and appetizers. This soft drink is pretty healthy for young and adults. The Kava juice is mainly made from the root of various vegetables.

Recipe for Kava Juice

10. Red rooster

This is nothing but a local beer item. Red roosters can be consumed separately or with some meal. In restaurants, the Red Rooster is served during fine dining. This is more of a regional drink.

Recipe for Red Rooster


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