10 Most Popular Foods in Pakistan

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Pakistani cuisine is influenced by the cuisine of Western and Central Asia. However, some of the Pakistani dishes have been served in this country since the Mughal era.

Known for its culinary diversity, Pakistani cuisine uses lots of spices, ghee, beef, lamb, fish, goat, chicken, and so on. Foreigners flock to Pakistan again and again to savor the delicacies of Pakistani cuisines.

1. Kebabs

Kebabs are considered snacks in Pakistan. In any street stall, you can find chapli kebab, chelow kebab, burrah kebab, seekh kebab, shami kebab, malai kebab, reshmi kebab and so on. These are generally grilled ground meat roasted with various spices. Sometimes chefs add chopped green chilies, onions, eggs, etc., to the recipe. You can keep some spicy mustard sauce on the side too.

Recipe for Kebabs

2. Haleem

Haleem is the most comforting dish you can eat in Pakistan. This juicy, savory dish is generally prepared at Muslim festivals. Chefs use beef for cooking the Haleem, but one can use other preferred meat as well. Apart from meat, wheat, lentils, etc. The Haleem is cooked on low heat for several hours. This soup-like dish features a sticky consistency.

Recipe for Haleem

3. Nihari

Made with lamb shank, Nihari is nothing but slow-cooked meat. One can use goat meat or mutton for this preparation as well. In this dish, you will get a strong fragrance of garlic. The dish is apt for both lunch and dinner. You might like the dish best with a bowl full of hot rice or bread. Recipe for Nihari

4. Gajrela

Gajrela or Gajar ka halwa is a pretty sought-after dish of Pakistan. The residents of Pakistan use grated carrots along with milk, sugar, and butter to prepare the recipe. This light dessert is served at every wedding and party in Pakistan. You need to refrigerate the dish for a few hours.

Recipe for Gajrela

5. Zarda

This is a colorful Pakistani dessert recipe. Zarda is prepared in east Pakistan or Bangladesh as well. This delicious sweet dish is made with rice, sugar, milk, raisins, almonds, pistachio, etc. Generally, zarda comes in yellow or orange color.

Recipe for Zarda

6. Chaat

This is nothing but a savory snack highly popular in Pakistan and India. You can find chaats in roadside stalls. Some natives of Pakistan call the dish “saat”. Papri chaat, bhelpuri, alu chaat, fruit chaat, samosa chaat etc. are pretty famous in Pakistan.

Recipe for Chaat

7. Chicken Karahi

This is basically traditional Kadai chicken. Instead of chicken, you can make the dish with mutton as well. This Pakistani dish is spicy in nature. This is more of a curry item. This savory dish is served with steamed rice made with top-quality rice vinegar or paratha.

Recipe for Chicken Karahi

8. Biriyani

Be it India or Pakistan, Biriyani is the most sought-after dish in both countries. Since the 16th century Mughal ruling, Biryani has been prevalent in Pakistan. Apart from chicken biryani, lamb biryani and beef biryani, etc., are also pretty special in this country. In Eids, people cook various biryanis along with tasty meat dishes.

Recipe for Biriyani

9. Lassi

Made from yogurt, Lassi is a traditional drink in Pakistan. This is served at the end of every lunch and dinner. Curd, water, milk, and spices are added to cook the Lassi. In summer, you can order Mango Lassi. In 10 minutes, you can cook this delicious Lassi.

Recipe for Lassi

10. Raita

Raita is mainly a curd-based dish. The natives of Pakistan add several vegetables along with fruits, boondi, etc., to the dish. In western cuisine, Raita is used as a dip. You can have Raita with Biryani at any time. Cucumber and mint are very common ingredients of Raita. You just have to stir the dish pretty well.

Recipe for Raita



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