10 Most Popular Foods in Oman

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Oman is a wonderful country with a lovely culture and food variety. The specialty of this country is lamb and rice; however, they serve many other fantastic dishes. If you adore trying new cuisines, you cannot miss out on the wide range of food varieties they serve. Moreover, the food in Oman is royal and delicious, which makes it a favorite of many. Out of the vast range of foods, below are some must-have dishes of Oman. All these delicacies are favorites and preferable choices for many tourists. Ensure you try all of these when you travel to the country.

1. Shuwa

Shuwa is a traditional recipe that is mostly cooked during special occasions in the country of Oman. Its making process is pretty lengthy but worth the delicious taste. The dish is cooked using meat (especially lamb) and other whole home ingredients. Moreover, its crispy and tender flavors will surely impress you with every bite.

Recipe for Shuwa

2. Majboos

Majboos is a rice recipe that is made using saffron and white or red meat. It is a unique dish served on special occasions like weddings. Whenever you travel to Oman, make sure you try this fantastic delicacy if you love eating meat. You will thoroughly enjoy this lip-smacking recipe.

3. Mashuai

If kingfish is your favorite, you will certainly adore Mashuai. It is made using kingfish and other spices to make it a tasty treat. People prefer eating it with lemon rice or sauces to enhance the taste.

Recipe for Mashuai

4. Omani Maldouf

Omani Maldouf is a popular date recipe in the country. Omani Maldouf is a flatbread recipe made with dates. Oman offers a variety of dates with different colors and sizes. The country has a wide range of date recipes and dishes for its visitors.

Recipe for Omani Maldouf

5. Mishkak

If you adore grilled food, Mishkak is perfect for you. It is made by grilling meat like beef, chicken, and mutton. The kebabs will surely please your taste buds and amaze you with each bite. The rich marinade and spices add more flavors to this simple dish. People prefer eating it with Omani bread or even curry.

Recipe for Mishkak

6. Harees

Another traditional dish cooked especially on occasions is Harees. It is cooked by mixing wheat and meat to form a thick paste. Ensure you try this wonderful delicacy when you travel to Oman. Tourists prefer eating it with sauces to add more flavor to this fantastic recipe.

Recipe for Harees

7. Omani Halwa

Oman also has some special foods for sweet lovers. Their halwa is simply bliss and will perfectly pamper your taste buds. It is made using water, ghee, sugar, butter, and cornflour. Traditionally Omanis serve it with khawa; however, you can also eat it as a dessert.

Recipe for Omani Halwa

8. Omani Chicken Biryani

The most favorite dish of Oman is their Omani Chicken Biryani. The royal dish is made using basmati rice, chicken, onions, and flavored with various whole spices. It is a must-try from the region, and without tasting it, your trip is incomplete.

Recipe for Omani Chicken Biryani

9. Halawet Ahmad

Halawet Ahmad is yet another authentic Omani dessert recipe. It is cooked using condensed milk, vermicelli, butter, coconut, sugar, and almonds. This dish is very popular in Oman and many middle eastern countries. Also, it is easy to find and available on almost every street.

Recipe for Halawet Ahmad

10. Shawarma

Shawarmas are famous Omani sandwiches that people across the world adore. The flavorful sandwich has a pita bread covered stuffed with meat, onions, and other sauces. Ensure you try this lovely delicacy at least once on your trip to make it completely worthy.

Recipe for Shawarma



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