10 Most Popular Foods in Norway

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Norway has much more than lofty mountains and crystal-clear lakes. The famous destination is known for its culture, vibe, and of course, lovely food. Norway has a wide range of foods available for its tourists. Every specialty is tasty in its way.

So, when you visit Norway, do not skip on any of these lovely delicacies. You will certainly admire their astounding taste. Below is a list of top foods in Norway, so ensure you try all of these while traveling to the country.

1. Lefse

Lefse is a traditional soft bread that is quite sweet and soft. It is usually eaten with cinnamon, butter, and sugar. These fantastic rolls are a favorite of most people in Norway and even tourists. So, ensure you get your hands on this lovely dish and do not miss out on it.

Recipe for Lefse

2. Pinnekjott

This unique sheep rib recipe is usually cooked during the Christmas season. It has a rich taste and salty balance to give your taste buds perfect flavors. People prefer to eat it with mashed kohlrabi. You can surely not miss out on this tender and juicy meat delicacy while in Norway.

Recipe for Pinnekjott

3. Kjottkaker

Kjottkaker is a meatball recipe that you must try in Norway. These meatballs consist of minced beef, nutmeg, ginger, and pepper. The spicy and juicy taste is certainly a delight for every person. So if you are a meatball fan, you must try this delicacy without fail!

Recipe for Kjottkaker

4. Raspeball

Raspeball is a famous dish with several different names. It is made using mashed potatoes, tender lamb, juicy sausages, and swedes. Raspeball will certainly win your heart if you adore trying new food. People enjoy eating it along with crispy bacon or various syrups.

Recipe for Raspeball

5. Svele

Svele looks like pancakes but has a Norwegian twist in their making. They are an amazing afternoon snack treat, and people prefer enjoying it along with coffee. The dish is loaded with butter, syrup, and brown cheese to satisfy all your sweet cravings.

Recipe for Svele

6. Klippfisk

Klippfisk is made using cod which is a favorite of the country. This dish is a traditional recipe that is being cooked for many years. The soup is cooked by boiling salty fish with different flavors. If you are a seafood admirer, you need to get your hands on this fantastic delicacy.

Recipe for Klippfisk

7. Rakfisk

People in Norway adore seafood, and you must have figured it out by now. Rakfisk is a superb recipe that is made using freshwater trout hail and other rich ingredients. People prefer eating along with lefse or as a salad. The finest part about this dish is its sour cream and butter topping making it a highly preferable delicacy!

Recipe for Rakfisk

8. Smalahove

If you like sheep meat, you will certainly enjoy feasting on Smalahove. It is a salty and roasted sheep head recipe that is served with potatoes and kohlrabi mash. The making process of this dish is unique and lengthy but entirely worth it!

Recipe for Smalahove

9. Brunost

Brunost is a traditional and authentic Norwegian cheese. It has a sweet caramel-like flavor to please every sweet tooth. Moreover, it is a popular food used to garnish dishes like sandwiches, ice cream, and even waffles! So, if you adore cheese, you need to try this lovely variant to make your trip worthy!

Recipe for Brunost

10. Lapskaus

Lapskaus is a traditional stew recipe cooked with beef, carrots, potatoes, swede, and leeks. It is a juicy and tasty recipe that will surely impress you with every bite. So, if you are in Norway and admire food, surely try this unique option to please your taste buds!

Recipe for Lapskaus


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