10 Most Popular Foods in North Macedonia

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North Macedonia is known for its picturesque lakes, amazing historic monuments, and its world-famous cuisine. In addition, the vibrant culture of the region will indeed capture your heart. One cannot miss their amazing dishes when traveling to the country. Moreover, its variety in bread and pastries will leave you amazed. So, ensure you try all these lovely delicacies from the country without fail. Selecting a few dishes was tough; however, we have listed only the finest in their land.

1. Simit-Pogacha

Simit-Pogacha is a kind of bun pie that is a specialty in Skopje. You will not find its authentic taste anywhere else. This dish is made using a bun and stuffing like cheese, meat, etc. It is a unique recipe and must-try for all travelers. Pies are a favorite delicacy of the country and ensure you do not miss trying them.

Recipe for Simit-Pogacha

2. Sarma

Sarma is one of the finest Macedonian dishes. It is a stuffed cabbage recipe that is filled with flavors. The dish is cooked using fermented cabbage leaves, minced meat, and rice. People prefer eating this dish with different sauces and sides to enhance its taste.

Recipe for Sarma

3. Pastrmajlija

Macedonia has something very special for all pizza lovers. This fantastic pizza recipe is truly a delight for the taste buds. It has a medium oval-shaped crust topped with pork, eggs, and green hot peppers to enhance the taste. Enjoy this lip-smacking delicacy to make your vacation complete.

Recipe for Pastrmajlija

4. Zelnik

Another delicious Macedonian pie is Zelnik. It is a superb pie made with flour, eggs, cheese, cabbage, vinegar, and butter. You cannot miss this mouth-watering delicacy when in Macedonia. The dish is very tasty and a favorite of many tourists. People usually like to eat it with a glass of yogurt to enhance its taste.

Recipe for Zelnik

5. Chomlek

Chomlek is an authentic Macedonian dish. This delicacy is made using baby beef, onions, garlic, and different spices. If you want to enjoy a wholesome meal in the country, you need to try this lovely recipe. It is full of flavors and is very tender, which makes it a preferable choice for many. Moreover, the dish is served in their traditional earthenware pot.

Recipe for Chomlek

6. Maznik

Maznik is another traditional Macedonian pastry that consists of dough, cheese, eggs, curd cheese, minced meat, and leeks. It is a soft and flavorful treat for your taste buds. So, make sure you enjoy this fantastic dish while traveling in North Macedonia.

Recipe for Maznik

7. Tavce Gravce

Tavce Gravce is a popular bean recipe that will win your heart. It is made using boiled beans, sausages, and red pepper. This unique recipe of Macedonia is a must-try if you like to explore different cuisines. Also, tourists enjoy eating this dish with bread in the country.

Recipe fir Tavce Gravce

8. Musaka

If you love the meat and potato combination, Musaka is something you will adore trying. This fantastic delicacy is cooked using minced beef, fried onions, and potato slices. Moreover, many seasonings like red paprika, pepper, egg crust, and salt add to the taste. Its crispy texture and flavors will truly win your heart.

Recipe for Musaka

9. Pindjur

Pinjdur is a popular summer recipe found in Macedonia. It is cooked using pepper, tomatoes, eggplant, onions, and olive oil. Try this specialty to pamper your taste buds with all they need. People of Macedonia prefer having cheese or bread to enjoy this variety to the fullest.

Recipe for Pindjur

10. Kebapi

Kebab lover? If yes, Macedonia has some amazing kebabs for you to try. It is made with minced meat, pepper, onion, and salt. The sausage-shaped kebabs are a perfect delight for dinner or even a snack. So, ensure you try this lovely delicacy in Macedonia whenever you visit the country.

Recipe for Kebapi


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