10 Most Popular Foods in North Korea

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Located in the northern part of the Korean peninsula, North Korea is well known for its delicious cuisine. This Asian cuisine features several staple foods in its traditional dishes, and these recipes are somewhat similar to that of South Korea.

The North Korean delicacies are pretty spicy and flavorsome. Almost all the Korean dishes are served with some smoked vegetables. Let’s learn about the must-try recipes from the pungent North Korean cuisine.

1. Kimchi

Kimchi is a popular North Korean staple food that every tourist should try once in their lifetime. This traditional Korean dish is served with fermented vegetables such as cabbage, radish, carrots, and so on. In Kimchi, the Korean chefs add scallions, ginger, garlic, green chilies, etc., to make it flavourful. This spicy dish is served in South Korea as well. You can order a plate of Kimchi in any restaurant in North Korea.

Recipe for Kimchi

2. Bibimbap

This traditional North Korean dish comes in a sizzling hot black stone bowl. In the Korean language, Bibimbap is nothing but “mixed rice.” The Korean chefs add a number of items, such as pork, tofu, chopped vegetables, chili sauce, etc., to the dish. The Bibimbap tastes good with Kimchi. If there is any crunchy rice in the Bibimbap, please scrap it off.

Recipe for Bibimbap

3. Clam BBQ

This recipe of Clam BBQ is pretty popular on the West Coast of Korea. To make Clam BBQ from scratch, you should use fresh clams caught by local fishermen. You can serve the Clam BBQ as a pre-evening snack. The North Koreans generally barbecue hundreds of clams together in an open fire.

Recipe for Clam BBQ

4. Cold noodles

The North Korean cold noodles are world-famous, and this recipe is sold in various other parts of the world. These simple cold noodles come from buckwheat. It includes either chicken or pork as meat. Other than meat, there are other chopped vegetables such as cabbage, radish, cucumber, etc., added to the dish of Cold noodles.

Recipe for cold noodles

5. Ox trotter aspic

The Ox trotter aspic is a delicious North Korean food that is made with different body parts of an Ox. The chefs use Ox trotter, tail, shank, or tendon for this recipe. The dish consists of no bone at all. Later they soak the meat in water to make it tender and extra soft. Many vegetables are also added to this delicacy. These are stone mushrooms, red pepper, chopped leeks, garlic, etc. The dish is rich in natural gelatin.

Recipe for ox trotter aspic

6. Dububa

Some North Koreans prefer to call the dish tububap. The Dububap is nothing but tofu rice, which is made in just 10 minutes. The tofus are thinly cut for this recipe with the help of tofu press and properly seasoned. You can add an ample amount of chili sauce to the recipe. Apart from tofu, the Dububap features some nicely chopped smoked vegetables as well.

Recipe for Dububap

7. Injobap

The North Korean recipe of Injobap is highly spicy, but it also features some sweet flavors. This traditional North Korean recipe features fake meat or artificial meat. In your Injobap, you will find sticky rice along with a pint of Taedonggang beer.

Recipe for Injobap

8. Pansangi

Earlier, only the royals of North Korea used to eat the dish of Pansangi. Pansangi includes soju, soup, rice, and other items which are served in small bronze bowls. A complete Pansangi includes around 12 dishes. Pansangi is pretty popular in South Korea as well.

Recipe for pansangi

9. Seafood

In the east and west coast of North Korea, you will find some fresh seafood. These are mainly caught by local fishermen. You can get king crabs, squids, clams, oysters, lobsters, prawns, etc. as seafood in Korea. These are mostly barbecued in local Korean restaurants. Sometimes they boil these seafoods in seafood boilers.

Recipe for seafood

10. Bingsu

Many Koreans call the Bingsu as patbingsu. Apart from North Korea, Bingsu is a popular delicacy in both Japan and China. During the summer months, people prefer to order this delicacy of Bingsu. The dish is sweet to some extent.

Recipe for Bingsu


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