10 Most Popular Foods in Niger

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If you are looking for authentic African cuisine, you should try out the delicacies of Niger. The cuisine of Niger features grilled meat, staple food, various seasonal vegetables, sauces, and so on. The natives of Niger prefer to have Moringa leaves in their salads which go with almost every Niger dish.

It has been seen that the residents of Niger have a dependency on millets, rice, cassava, maize, beans, sorghum, etc. On special occasions, they serve Couscous. If you are a foodie, the following 10 dishes will blow your mind.

1. Jollof rice

Made from long-grain rice, the Jollof rice is a typical West African dish. The dish is cooked with tomatoes, onions, garlic, and other vegetables. People use chicken, beef, goat meat, etc., in the recipe.

Recipe for Jollof rice

2. Palm-nut soup

Made from palm fruit, the Palm-nut soup is pretty sought after among the African communities. Mainly the Urhobo tribe of Nigeria came up with this delicious Palm nut soup. This continental dish is made with smoked fish, chopped spinach, palm fruit, and so on.

Recipe for Palm-nut soup

3. Dambo

If you visit the south-western Niger, you should order the Dambou dish. Made with cereals and moringa leaves, the Dambou is cooked on festive occasions. The natives of Niger generally prefer serving the dish with Moringa salad.

Recipe for Dambo

4. Djerma

This extraordinary recipe of Djerma is prepared with the base ingredient of chicken. The chefs generally use carrots, curry powder, peanut butter, etc. to the recipe. Some natives add garlic, tomato to the dish. You should keep some gravy for the dish. Some people add mustard sauce on top of the dish as well.

Recipe for Djerma

5. Fari Masa

It represents a fried dough that is pretty exotic and delicious in nature. To prepare the Fari Masa, you will need flour, water, oil, sugar, beaten eggs, yeast, etc. After frying the dough in air fryer, the chefs add the spices. In many parts of Niger, the dish is considered an evening snack.

Recipe for Fari Masa

6. Dounguouri Soko

This traditional stew from Niger is a combination of a number of food ingredients such as meat, vegetables, spices, and so on. The Dounguouri is more like the traditional French dish of Cassoulet. Chefs add lamb, beans, tomatoes, garlic, salt, pepper, etc., to the dish.

Recipe for Dounguouri Soko

7. Camel meat

In Niger, there is a trend of eating camel meat. The meat is lean in nature, and people prefer the medium-rare camel meat. Do not over-cook the camel meat. You can think about roasting it. People of Niger make various dishes with camel meat such as camel burgers, camel karahi, camel curry, and so on.

Recipe for Camel meat

8. Fonio

Fonio features a nutty flavor, and it is generally served with couscous. Known for its distinctive tastes, the Fonio dishes are a good source of vitamin B. The Fonio is soaked in boiling water overnight before cooking.

Recipe for Fonio

9. Goat meat curry

The goat meat or mutton curry is the family favorite dish of Niger. The entire recipe is cooked in goat meat stock. It is generally seasoned with herbs. In this dish, the goat meat remains tender and delicious juice comes out of it.

Recipe for Goat meat curry

10. Cooked yams

The yams are nothing but plant edibles. These yams are a product of tropical regions. In Niger, peeled yams are properly sliced with chef’s knife first and then cooked in boiling hot water. Finally, you can serve the cooked yams with a sauce of your choice.

Recipe for cooked yams