10 Most Popular Foods in New Zealand

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New Zealand, being one of the most popular travel destinations, is also famous for extraordinary cuisines. Travelers across the world love tasting fresh, delicious, and exotic food items in this country. Experiencing the local cuisines in New Zealand should never get missed during your stay in this country. So, let’s check the top 10 delicious dishes in New Zealand.

1. Crayfish and seafood

New Zealand is popular as the hub for a wide range of seafood. Among these, you should not opt out of tasting crayfish or lobster. The price of a whole crayfish is NZ$80. Hence, it is not very affordable, but it is worth trying once in the country. It is suggested to try crayfish in Kaikoura.

Recipe for crayfish

2. New Zealand lamb

New Zealand lamb is famous among the citizens of the country, but this dish holds high esteem worldwide. The dish is made more delicious by serving it with roasted vegetables and aromatic rosemary. This cuisine can be a perfect choice for your dinner while you are in this country.

Recipe for New Zealand lamb

3. Hangi

This popular dish is prepared mainly by the Maori people. The specialty is that this food is prepared under the earth. The cooking method is centuries-old, and the dish is mainly prepared with fish and sweet potato. Nowadays, the dish is also prepared with pork or lamb meat, vegetables, etc.

Recipe for Hangi

4. Kina

If you want to taste sea urchins in New Zealand, Kina will help you get that taste. It is spiky seafood that comes with an exotic taste. At first, the outer shell of the seafood is removed and then dip-fried in olive or rice oil. It is cooked with mushrooms to add more taste to it.

Recipe of Kina

5. Jaffas

If you want to try some sweet dishes in New Zealand, Jaffas can be the best option. This confectionery is extremely popular among the inhabitants of New Zealand. You will surely love the sugar-coated chocolate balls with orange flavor. The candies are available in every supermarket in this country.

Recipe for Jaffas

6. Whitebait Fritters

Travelers are suggested not to leave the South Island’s West Coast without tasting whitebait fritters. Whitebaits are young fish that are just one or two inches long. It is prepared with spring onion and seasoned with lemon and pepper. It is also added with butter, parsley, and cress for garnishing.

Recipe for Whitebait Fritters

7. Manuka Honey

Manuka Honey is not only popular in New Zealand, but it has also gained popularity in the international market. The honey is also famous for treating various ailments. The honey has a slightly nutty flavor, and you will love the charming sweetness of the honey. This honey can be tasted with bread, biscuits, and scones.

Recipe for Manuka Honey

8. Kumara

The Maori people brought Kumara early years, and since then, it has become a favorite vegetable among the people of New Zealand. The people here mostly like to taste Kumara or Sweet Potato with another delicious food item- Hangi. Besides, the citizens here incorporate this vegetable in cooking various dishes.

Recipe for Kumara

9. Pavlova and fruit salad

The much-loved dessert in New Zealand is Pavlova and fruit salad. Kiwis are passionate about having this dessert topped with fresh fruits. The dish is one of the most common desserts during the Christmas season. Pavlova is made deliciously with whipped cream and fresh fruits. You can easily have this dessert in any restaurant in New Zealand.

Recipe for Pavlova

10. lollies, chocolate, and sweet treats

The people of New Zealand are fond of tasting chocolates, lollies and once you are here in the country, you will have an abundance of choices for chocolates. The most favorite chocolates are jelly cream, peanut slabs, etc. Besides, you will get a wide range of cookies blended with chocolate flavors.

Recipe for chocolates


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