10 Most Popular Foods in Netherlands

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If you are a food lover and do not hesitate to try out different cuisines, Netherlands has some great dishes to offer you! It is known to be the land of windmills and mesmerizing tulip gardens but is also bound to surprise you in terms of food pleasantly. Dutch cuisine is simple yet tasty and mainly consists of meat, vegetables, and cheese. So, we have listed down a few popular and delicious dishes from the Netherlands for you to try.

1. Poffertje

Pancakes are one of the foods in which the people of the Netherlands are specialized, and Poffertjes are the smaller and fluffier version of them. They are usually served with some butter and icing sugar, which add an extra kick to them. You can get these in almost every part of the country, and Christmas and New Year are the best times to have them.

Recipe for Poffertje

2. Kroket

Krokets is one of the most popular snacks in the Netherlands and tastes incredible! Preparing them requires covering minced meat in mashed potatoes and deep-frying them after rolling them in breadcrumbs. Although the authentic Dutch Krokets consist of beef, it is now available in different flavors and prepared with vegetables, chicken, shrimps, etc. People usually prefer having Krokets inside white bread with some mustard, making them even more filling.

Recipe for Kroket

3. Stroopwafel

Stroopwafels are a popular type of pastry in the Netherlands and come out as a sweet treat to anybody who consumes them. This dish consists of putting two layers of baked dough together with some caramel in between. They are readily available in every part of the country and a must-try!

Recipe for Stroopwafel

4. Erwtensoep

Erwtensoep is a highly delicious and filling dish from the Netherlands and is also known as ‘split-pea soup.’ It is made with meat and lots of vegetables and enjoyed mainly during the winter season. It is a simple, healthy, yet delicious recipe that is a must-try at least once!

Recipe for Erwtensoep

5. Oliebollen

Oliebollen means ‘oil sphere’ and is one of the most loved cuisines by the Dutch. It requires frying dumpling batter balls in hot oil and serving them with a bit of icing sugar. Although this dish is not very healthy, it is worth having at least once in a while.

Recipe for Oliebollen

6. Bamischijf

This dish is inspired by an Indo-Chinese dish made with noodles called Bakmi Goreng. The preparation process requires packing Bami tightly, breading it, and frying it in hot oil. This dish is savory and tastes delicious!

Recipe for Bamischijf

7. Bitterballen

Bitterballen is a meat-snack popular among the Dutch. Preparing this dish requires making meatballs mixed with spices and getting them fried after rolling them in breadcrumbs. There are even many variations of this recipe, in which the balls consist of curry powder and vegetables such as carrots.

Recipe for Bitterballen

8. Hutspot

Hutspot is a traditional Dutch dish that is relatively easy to make. It consists of many vegetables such as potatoes, carrots, onions, etc. hence is relatively healthy. It requires mashing and mixing the vegetables and boiling them in milk with a pinch of salt, pepper, and butter.

Recipe for Hutspot

9. Hachee

Hachee is a traditional Dutch dish, also known as ‘beef and onion stew.’ It consists of various ingredients such as beef, onions, and some spices. Although the preparation time is quite long, this dish is worth trying due to its rich flavor and tender meat.

Recipe for Hachee

10. Huzarensalade

This dish is quite similar to the Russian salad called Olivier salad, but the Dutch have their version of it. It consists of meat, poultry products, vegetables, pickles, mayonnaise, etc. Huzarensalade can be eaten with barbeques and also work for buffets.

Recipe for Huzarensalade


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