10 Most Popular Foods in Namibia

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If you are planning to visit the versatile country, Namibia, you should get ready to taste the indigenous dishes of that country. The perfect blend of cooking elements and flavor has made Namibia’s dishes popular among people across the world. Here we present the top 10 delicious dishes of Namibia that can be a lifetime experience for you.

1. Oshithima

Oshithima is a favorite among the inhabitants of Oshithima culture in Namibia, and the people of the northern part of the country consider this as their prime dish. To prepare the dish, pearl millet flour is used to make the porridge free from gluten. The dish is also famous as Maize or Mahangu Pap. You should not miss trying this wholesome dish once you visit the country.

Recipe of Oshithima

2. Oodhingu or Eedingu

This dish is popular among Namibian civilians since refrigeration was not available in the country. It is a process of storing a wide range of meats. Meats are cut into long stripes and allowed to dry under the sun. Once dried, the meat is seasoned with salt on an open fire. Goat, beef meats are mainly used to prepare the dish.

Recipe of Oodhingu

3. Ombidi

Along with Namibia, Ombidi is one of the most favorite dishes among Southern African countries’ citizens. The dish is made delicious using wild spinach. The spinach grows during the rainy season. The civilians collect Omboga leaves and get them boiled. Then these are kept under the sun to get dried. The wild spinach is cooked with cherry tomatoes.

Recipe for Ombidi

4. Omagungu or Mopane Caterpillars

The food is rich in protein, fat and is indeed delicious. If you love to try something special, this food can be a good choice. Mopane caterpillars are the prime ingredients of this bizarre dish, and the worms are collected during the rainy season. You will surely love the crispy and extraordinary taste of Omagungu.

Recipe of Omagungu

5. Potjiekos

Potjiekos, the famous cuisine in Africa, is basically a stew. The staple ingredients to prepare this dish are white cabbage, cauliflower, game meat, and poultry. Potatoes and pumpkins are also blended with spices and garden-fresh aromatic leaves. This dish got influenced by the Dutch, and at present, it is popular among Africans.

Recipe of Potjiekos

6. Zambezi Bream

For travelers who love to taste fish items in Namibian, those Zambezi Bream is one of the best options. Zambezi Bream is a popular fish species, and these are grilled with spices and salt. People in Namibia prefer to eat this dish with maize pap and steamed spinach. Almost every restaurant in Namibia serves this dish.

Recipe of Zambezi Bream

7. Biltong

Biltong is known as one of the most popular dishes in Namibia. People consider this air-dried meat as the perfect snack between meals. First, beef is blended with spices, and then the meat gets dried under the sun for at least two weeks. So, your Namibia trip is going to be complete without tasting Biltong.

Recipe of Biltong

8. Kapana or grilled beef

Barbeque seems extremely popular in Namibia, and grilled beef is another great dish to taste in this country. Here sliced beef is grilled and cooked with chili and salt. Along with this dish, the people of Namibia love to take chopped tomatoes and onions. No doubt, once you have this dish, you will remember the taste lifelong.

Recipe of Kapana

9. Fat Cakes or Oukuki

Once you reach the northern part of Namibia, you should try to taste Oukuki or Fat Cakes. It is popular street food in Namibia. It is often served with potato soup and dried meat. If you have a sweet tooth, you will surely love this popular sweet dish in Namibia.

Recipe of Oukuki

10. Oshigali

Oshigali is a type of puree that is made from white beans. At first, white beans are peeled off, and then these are soaked in water for at least one hour. Then beans are cooked until they become puree and are added with salt and paprika to make it delicious.

Recipe of Oshigali


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