10 Most Popular Foods in Mozambique

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If you are somebody who loves to eat and explore, Mozambique has some mouth-watering dishes to offer you. It is a place famous for its breath-taking beaches and islands, hence quite specialized in preparing seafood.

Apart from this, Mozambique also offers cuisines prepared from different types of meats, fruits, roots, etc. So, here are some finger-licking preparations from Mozambique!

1. Grilled Prawns

Mozambique is known for its seafood preparations, and prawns come out as an important part of Mozambican cuisine. The prawns are grilled and tossed in Piri-Piri sauce or with some lemon and garlic for this preparation. This recipe is extremely easy but does not compromise with its taste!

Recipe for Grilled prawns

2. Matapa

Matapa is a simple dish that consists of stewed cassava leaves, garlic, peanuts and coconut milk. All the mentioned ingredients are blended and served with rice, meat or seafood. This dish requires very little preparation time and tastes yummy, hence worth trying.

Recipe for Matapa

3. Xima

Xima is a type of porridge prepared with cornflour and water. It is a staple in Mozambique and is extremely simple to make. It just requires mixing cornflour in boiling water until it becomes a thick paste. This dish is quite wholesome and can be consumed with vegetables, seafood or meat.

Recipe for Xima

4. Bolo Polana

Bolo Polana is a traditional dish from Mozambique. It is often called a cashew and potato cake and consists of ingredients such as mashed potatoes, cashews, vanilla essence, citrus zest, eggs, sugar, etc. It is mainly consumed as a dessert and also prepared on special occasions.

Recipe for Bolo Polana

5. Galinha Asada

Galinha Asada is a staple and an extremely loved dish in Mozambique. The process requires grilling the chicken after marinating it in Piri-Piri sauce. Preparing this dish is not a very time-consuming process but comes out as a treat to anyone who consumes it.

Recipe for Galinha Asada

6. Fofos de arroz

Fofos de arroz is an extremely common and delicious snack in Mozambique. This dish consists of rice balls with shrimp, onions, and garlic filling. These balls are then fried after rolling in eggs and breadcrumbs. The balls are placed on a platter attractively and served hot.

Recipe for Fofos de arroz

7. Fejioada de Mocambique

A popular dish in Mozambique, Fejioada de Mocambique is also known as Mozambican bean stew. It consists of dried or butter beans, meat, and vegetables. This dish is consumed with rice for a better and more filling experience.

Recipe for Fejioada de Mocambique

8. Pao

Mozambican cuisine is largely influenced by Portuguese cuisine, and Pao is an example of that. It is a type of bread that is mainly eaten with stews and gravy. It has a wonderful crust on the outside and a unique texture on the inside. One of the main ingredients of the dish is dry yeast, which makes the bread rise.

Recipe for Pao

9. Prego rolls

This lip-smacking dish consists of steak in a fresh Pao, with some Piri-Piri sauce. This sauce adds a unique and spicy kick to the dish and makes it extremely tasty. It is a steak roll with a Mozambican twist, which is brought by the Piri-Piri sauce.

Recipe for Prego rolls

10. Matata

Matata is a unique dish from Mozambique, served with a generous amount of white rice. This dish is typically a stew consisting of clams and peanuts. Some chopped pumpkin leaves are also added while serving this delicious preparation.

Recipe for Matata