10 Most Popular Foods in Morocco

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Well- renowned for its variety in the field of cuisines and dishes, Morocco is an excellent place to explore. Moroccan cuisines not only taste delicious but also serve you a tinge of Moroccan traditions and cultures.

Since you can get confused regarding which cuisine to pick, the following list is an accumulation of the most popular food items found in Morocco.

1. Moroccan Chicken Rfissa

This Moroccan dish is described as meat laid upon bread, shredded pastry, or msemen. Rfissa is topped with several spices like saffron, Ras el Hanout, fenugreek seeds, etc. Although organic chicken is the first priority for making this dish, regular chicken also serves pretty well. According to Moroccan traditions, this dish is served on the third day after the birth of a child in the house.

Recipe for Moroccan Chicken Rfissa

2. Moroccan Baked Whole Sardines

Due to the prevalence of the long coastline in Morocco, sardines can be found in plenty. This dish is hassle-free as you just need to bake your Sardines and season it with rock salt and lemon. Sardines are a good source of calcium, vitamin B, omega-3 fatty acids, and vitamin D; thus, this super tasty meal won’t deteriorate your health.

Recipe for Moroccan Baked Whole Sardines

3. Kefta Meatball Tagine

This dish is a delicious mixture of tomato sauce and meatballs (lamb or beef), topped with eggs. The preparation of the tomato sauce includes raw materials such as tomatoes, onions, garlic, etc. whereas the meatballs are formed with pepper, eggs, and similar ingredients. Sometimes people also prefer to consume this dish with Moroccan bread instead of a fork.

Recipe for Kefta Meatball Tagine


This is the National dish of Morocco. A couscoussier is used for steaming the couscous three times in a row. A bunch of vegetables and meat are added upon and couscous and served to the people. A well–known version of this dish is the addition of seven different vegetables to the Couscous. 

Recipe for Couscous

5. Bissara

The word “Bissara” originates from “bees-oro” which means cooked beans. The recipe is pretty simple, which includes stir-frying garlic and then adding split peas and other spices. This soup has low calories and can serve as an appropriate option for your diet regime.

Recipe for Bissara

6. Maakouda Batata

This food can usually be found on the streets of Morocco. Baked potato cakes garnished with peppers, onions, etc. While some eat them along with a dish, some use it as a filler between the sandwich, and some eat it separately. You can either use baked potatoes or grate and cook them later.

Recipe for Maakouda Batata

7. Zaalouk

Tomatoes and eggplants are very popular cuisines of North Africa, the Middle East, and Southern Europe. When these two ingredients are mixed with wonderful spices, a delicious salad is formed. Eggplant is rich in potassium, Vitamin C and A, magnesium, fiber, etc. they are often served with crispy toasts.

Recipe for Zaalouk

8. Moroccan Whiskey

Moroccan mint tea is also referred to as Moroccan Whiskey. This mint tea has been served to the guests for ages and is a part of the Moroccan tradition. Usually, fresh spearmint is preferred for making Moroccan mint tea; however, sometimes fresh pennyroyal or dried peppermint leaves may also be used for enriching the essence and flavor of the tea.

Recipe for Moroccan Whiskey

9. Harira

This is a popular Moroccan soup that contains chickpeas, tomatoes, lentils, spices, etc. It is considered an ideal meal while breaking your fast during Ramadan. This soup is accompanied by fresh lime, bread, or chebakia. You can either consume it as your main meal or an appetizer.

Recipe for Harira

10. Moroccan Chicken Bastilla

Moroccan Chicken Bastilla is a delicious chicken pie, which is crunchy outside due to the crispy pastry layer and juicy inside because of the piquant chicken. It is seasoned with crispy almonds and rose flavored water. You can also prepare the Bastilla prior to its baking time and refrigerate it. Reference links

Recipe for Moroccan Chicken Bastilla


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