10 Most Popular Foods in Montenegro

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Globetrotters always love to experience the adventures of different countries and also love to relish the local dishes of those countries. If you are also among them, you cannot miss tasting some wholesome and delightful dishes of Montenegro.

We have sorted 10 popular foods in Montenegro and hope you will love to taste them whenever you visit the country.

1. Njegusi Prosciutto

It is the national dish of Montenegro, and it is loved by the travelers who visit the country. The goodness and taste of this food are awesome. You can try this food at any place in Montenegro, especially at Njegusi village. The food is produced from the pork ham.

Recipe for Njegusi Prosciutto

2. Buzara

This food is mainly popular among the coastal inhabitants of Montenegro. So, if you are planning to visit the coastal areas, you cannot miss trying this food. The coastal people love to enjoy their summer nights with their friends and Buzara. Shellfish shrimps and prawns are the prime ingredients to prepare this dish. These are cooked either in white or red sauce.

Recipe for Buzara

3. Ispod Saca

Another delicious food item in Montenegro is Ispod Saca. Adventure lovers can enjoy this dish after completing their rafting experience in the Tata Canyon. To prepare this dish, lamb goat or veal meat is slow roasted along with onion, potato, and carrots. This food is filled with the goodness of succulent vegetables.

Recipe of Ispod Saca

4. Black Risotto

Again, it’s a favorite dish of coastal people in Montenegro. While you reach the coastal areas of Montenegro, you should try to taste this dish. The dish is also famous as Black Risotto due to its black color that originates from the ink of cuttlefish. The dish gets a subtle flavor when it mixes with white wine.

Recipe of Black Risotto

5. Cevapi

While you are in Montenegro, you should not miss tasting Cevapi. The food has its foundation in the Balkans, and this food is prepared with pork. The presence of garlic, egg white has made this dish delicious. These crumbs of meat are made more delicious by using cold salads like tomato and cucumber.

Recipe for Cevapi

6. Kacamak

Kacamak is extremely popular among the citizens of Western Asia and Southeastern Europe. The prime ingredients to prepare this dish are cornmeal and potatoes. With this, a special cream cheese, namely kajmak, is added to make it delicious. Moreover, it is served with sourced milk. So, if you like to taste new food dishes in Montenegro, Kacamak can be a good option for you.

Recipe of Kacamak

7. Burek

While you are in Montenegro, forget the taste of the toast and cereals that you are used to and try the taste of Burek. You can have this dish anywhere in local bakeries in Montenegro. The dish is prepared with filo pastry and stuffed with potato, spinach, meat, and cheese. You will love the oily and crunchy layer of Burek.

Recipe of Burek

8. Lamb in milk

This food is popular among the natives of Western Balkan, and this food is mostly preferred during celebrations. Once lamb meat is cooked in milk, it keeps the strong smell of the meat away from the meat. This preparation makes this meat soft and tasty. Sometimes, vegetables like carrots and potatoes are added.

Recipe of lamb in milk

9. Cicvara

Cicvara is rich in calories, but still, it is not unhealthy. The ingredients of this delicious dish are milk, kaymak, cornflour, and cheese. You can make this dish at your breakfast on those days you are in Montenegro. The use of cheese enhances the flavor of the dish. The recipe seems very simple, but it is time-consuming.

Recipe of Cicvara

10. Sarma

During your stay in Montenegro, experiencing the taste of Sarma will be a good idea. The dish is made with minced meat and rice. The taste of the food also gets rich with a roasted cabbage leaf. This dish is quite popular among several Slavic nations. This dish can also be prepared without meat.

Recipe of Sarma


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