10 Most Popular Foods in Mongolia

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Trying out different cuisines always adds to more exciting and learning experiences. It does not only give your taste buds a treat but also gets you acquainted with the culture and tradition of the place. Mongolia is a country, which consists of lip-smacking dishes, which are at least a one-time try!

They are simple, contain different varieties of meat and animal products, and come out as extremely tasty. Hence, we have listed some of the most authentic and popular foods of Mongolia for you:

1. Khuushuur

Khuushuur is a traditional Mongolian dish that can easily be found in any local restaurant in Mongolia. It is basically small fried pastries filled with meat and onions. This is the main dish of the Naadam festival in Mongolia, held in July, and is absolutely loved by tourists.

Recipe for Khuushuur

2. Tsuivan

Tsuivan is a very popular dish in Mongolia which consists of noodles, vegetables (carrots, onions, cabbage, etc.), and meat. Everything is fried in a covered frying pan and is quite easy to make. Most people find Tsuivan quite filling and is a must-try!

Recipe for Tsuivan

3. Khorkhog

Khorkhog is an extremely loved dish in Mongolia which consists of a distinct smoky flavor. The process requires cooking lamb in a pot with different types of vegetables such as onions, potatoes, carrots, etc. It is quite filling and can be consumed as a wholesome meal.

Recipe for Khorkhog

4. Buuz

Buuz looks quite similar to regular dumplings but tastes more intense and spicier. The process requires filling flour dough with cooked meat and vegetables, which are then steamed. The spicy kick to this dish is brought by the presence of pepper and garlic in it.

Recipe for Buuz

5. Boodog

This cuisine is an extremely wholesome meal which consists of cooking a whole goat/marmot with varieties of vegetables inside it. Hot stones are inserted into the carcass with the ingredients for everything to get properly cooked. This dish is prepared on special occasions and serves as a treat to the tummy!

Recipe for Boodog

6. Guriltai Shul

Guriltai Shul comes out as one of the most excellent appetizers in Mongolian cuisines. It is basically mutton soup, with noodles and vegetables. The soup mainly gets its taste from the vegetables and meat present in it and tastes absolutely yummy!

Recipe for Guriltai Shul

7. Budaatai Khuurga

Budaatai Khuurga is an authentic Mongolian dish consisting of rice cooked with meat (mainly lamb or beef) and vegetables. This dish is quite filling and can be eaten for both lunch and dinner. It is simple, unique, tasty, and a must-try.

Recipe for Budaatai Khuurga

8. Chanasan Makh

This is one of Mongolia’s most simple and traditional dishes, which is extremely common among nomads. The recipe requires boiling large chunks of meat in salted water until everything gets properly cooked. Today, people like to add some vegetables to the dish and consume it with sauces like Ketchup.

Recipe for Chanasan Makh

9. Borts

Borts is a traditional Mongolian dish, which is prepared from various types of meat. The process requires cutting the meat into thick strips, then hanging them on a rope until they dry/ develop a brownish color. They can be added to teas, soups, etc., or can be used in various other ways.

Recipe for Borts

10. Aaruul

Aaruul is a very popular sweet dish in Mongolia which is made by mixing cheese curds with berries and sugar. It is then cut into various shapes and patterns. Once dried, the pieces can be stored for a very long time and consumed eventually.

Recipe for Aaruul


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