10 Most Popular Foods in Moldova

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Moldova is a small country located in Europe. Therefore, the country may not be on many people’s travel lists. However, it surely has some impressive dishes that all food enthusiasts must-try. The beautiful culture and yummy delicacies are indeed the key highlights of this country. So, whenever you plan a holiday to eastern Europe, do miss out on Moldova. We have managed to list out the finest dishes in Moldova out of the vast variety available. Ensure you try all of them to make your trip completely worthwhile!

1. Racituri

Racituri is a clear jelly cooked from pork meat. It is a traditional recipe that is usually served during the Christmas season in the country. Locals and tourists are great fans of this yummy treat and never miss out on it when in Moldova. Also, if you are a pork lover, you surely adore it.

Recipe for Racituri

2. Moldovan Pie

One of the most famous traditional dishes of Moldova is their Pie. It is made using cheese, flour, eggs, feta, dill, and other herbs. This recipe will indeed leave you wanting more Pie after every bite. Moreover, it would help if you also tried the other pie varieties available in the country.

Recipe for Moldovan Pie

3. Mamaliga

Mamaliga is a unique delicacy that you can only find in fine dining restaurants in Moldova. It consists of cornmeal, water, salt and requires a two-day preparation time. Also, people enjoy eating it with Brinza to get an authentic and flavorful taste.

Recipe for Mamaliga

4. Ardei Umpluti

Ardei Umpluti is a stuffed bell pepper dish that will perfectly pamper your taste buds. It is made using rice, meat, and vegetable stuffing. Also, the rice is given a special aroma to give this dish a flavorful taste and twist. Most tourists love eating Ardei Umpluti, and it is a preferable option in the country.

Recipe for Ardei Umpluti

5. Chiroste

Chiroste is cheese dumplings that are available in two variants. The first variant is known as Colțunași harnici and has a cheese stuffing inside it. The other one is Colțunași lenoși and is made using cheese, flour, butter, eggs, and sugar. Both the dumplings are cooked by boiling them in salty water. So, if you want authentic Moldovan food, it is right here!

Recipe for Chiroste

6. Sarmale

One of the oldest delicacies of Moldova is Sarmale. It is cooked using meat, rice, vegetables, and cabbage leaves. In Moldova, it is usually served along with the soup. The cooking method is pretty slow but is surely worth it. So, make you try this recipe while traveling in Moldova.

Recipe for Sarmale

7. Tort Smetannik

Tort Smetannik is a popular Russian cake found in Moldova. The key contents are sour cream, honey, and vanilla. This multiple-layer dessert is a must-try for all sweet lovers. Also, it has many flavors to surprise you with each bite.

Recipe for Tort Smetannik

8. Zeama

Zeama is a traditional soup recipe easily found in Moldova. The people in the country enjoy eating this delicacy almost every day. It is cooked using noodles, broth, chicken, vegetables, and spices. People adore having it with bread as it is a perfect combination.

Recipe for Zeama

9. Placinta

If you travel to Moldova, it is impossible to miss out on Placinta. It is bread with a filling of cheese, cabbage, and potatoes. You can also try Placinta and other variants around you in Moldova. It is a perfect light lunch dish and summer recipe.

Recipe for Placinta

10. Chifteluțe cu piure

Chifteluțe cu piure is a dish with meatballs and mashed potatoes. This tasty recipe will surely leave you wanting more after every bite. The meatballs are usually chicken, pork, or beef and are slowly cooked in a tangy tomato sauce. It is a preferable option for many tourists.

Recipe for Chifteluțe cu piure


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