10 Most Popular Foods in Micronesia

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Micronesia is a popular island that lies in the Pacific Ocean. This lovely place has an attractive vibe and a diverse variety of foods that you will get nowhere else. The dishes in Micronesia are authentic and have a distinct taste adored by many. So, if you are traveling to Micronesia, do not miss its amazing seashores and food. Listing a few dishes was very tricky because of the lovely cuisine this island extends for its tourists. However, we have managed to mention some must-try dishes below. Do not hesitate to try them and ensure you do not miss any of them!

1. Micronesian Coconut Chicken Curry

The unique Micronesian recipe of this tasty treat is just bliss. You will surely enjoy the lovely flavors and texture of this dish. It is made using fried chicken, potatoes, bell peppers, onions, carrots, garlic, ginger, and creamy coconut milk. The dish is usually served with rice; however, you can also enjoy it with flatbread.

Recipe for Micronesian Coconut Chicken Curry

2. Mahi umw

A very popular staple of Micronesia is Mahi. The traditional dish is cooked by placing breadfruits on hot stones and coconut husks. Later, this is covered and put to steam to add more flavor and authenticity to the dish. It is an authentic Micronesian recipe and a must-try for all travelers.

Recipe for Mahi umw

3. Kón

Kon is yet another traditional recipe of Micronesia. It is cooked by vigorously whisking warm taro and breadfruit together to make a thick paste. Later, coconut milk is added to this mixture to give it a creamy and light texture. This dish has traditional importance in the country and is usually made on auspicious events.

Recipe for Kón

4. Chicken Micronesia

Chicken Micronesia is a specialty of the island. The dish is made with marinated chicken, pineapple, onions, and coconut. Further, the chicken marinade consists of soy sauce, pineapple juice, and ginger to add more flavors to this dish. So naturally, people love to enjoy this serving with rice. However, the traditional recipe will surely leave you astounded and please your taste buds well.

Recipe for Chicken Micronesia

5. Uter

Uter is a dish with taro balls that are easily available in Micronesia and eaten with several cuisines. The dish is made using boiled taro root and grated coconut. It is a traditional dessert recipe of the island that is a must-try for all sweet lovers.

Recipe for Uter

6. Pihlohlo mwehng

Pihlohlo mwehng is an authentic Micronesian recipe that is made using taro root and coconut syrup. It is an amazing dessert that all tourists adore when they visit the island. So, if you like caramelized sweets, you need to try this unique dessert recipe.

Recipe for Pihlohlo mwehng

7. Koahpnoair koakihr

Are you a yam fan? Then Koahpnoair koakihr will surely capture your heart. It is made using yams and coconut milk. The traditional recipe process features cooking yams in coconut milk until they turn tender. So, do not miss this original recipe when in Micronesia.

Recipe for Koahpnoair Koakihr

8. Uht sukusuk

Uth sukusuk is another special recipe of Micronesia. It is made using boiled bananas and coconut milk. The creamy texture and taste of this dish make it a tasty treat for all. It is served on a palm leaf and is a popular delicacy of Micronesia.

Recipe for uht sukusuk

9. Jekaro Brioche Bread

Jekaro Brioche bread is a cake recipe that will meet your sweet cravings. The dish uses flour, butter, coconut milk, jekaro, egg, sugar, and yeast. It is a lip-smacking recipe that will give your taste buds flavors it will adore.

Recipe for Jekaro Brioche Bread

10. Sakau

Sakau is a popular drink that you will easily find in Micronesia. It is usually served during festive occasions and ceremonies. The drink is extracted from kava roots and then mixed with water. Do not miss out on this rare drink as it is not easily found elsewhere.

Recipe for Sakau


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