10 Most Popular Foods in Mauritius

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Mauritius is known for its rich and diverse culture. Moreover, people love the island for its amazing scenic views and a diversity of cuisines. So, if you love to travel and wish to explore a wide range of dishes, Mauritius is the best destination. Selecting a few out of so many foods is surely not easy. However, we have listed the finest dishes you can try in Mauritius. So, if you travel to the island, do not hesitate and ensure you do not miss out on any of these.

1. Mauritian Curry

The special Mauritian Curry is a popular gravy you will come across on the island. It is made using a special masala, comprising chilies, turmeric, coriander, and cumin. Often, the people of maturities use the masala to make different seafood, chicken, or meat gravies. So, make sure you try their very authentic Mauritian Curry when on tour.

Recipe for Mauritian Curry

2. Dim sums

If you are a dim sum fan, you need to try them in Mauritius. The small bite-sized dim sum consists of meat or vegetable as per choice. Also, it is served along with a spicy chutney to pamper your taste buds to the best. You can easily locate this dish in Mauritius as it is easily found.

Recipe for Dim sums

3. Farata

Farata is the best dish for Indians looking for comfort food on the island. This dish is similar to a paratha or flatbread and is served along with chutney or Curry. It consists of a spicy filling with secrets flavors to enjoy each bite.

Recipe for Farata

4. Rougaille

Rougaille is a popular seafood dish you must try in Mauritius. It is a specialty made with fish/prawns, onion, tomatoes, thyme, and garlic. Also, crab curry, fried squid, and other seafood varieties are popular food options in Mauritius. So, do not miss out on the lovely seafood the region has for its tourists.

Recipe for Rougaille

5. Mauritian Biryani

Indian food surely has a great influence on the cuisine in Mauritius. The Mauritian Biryani is a popular dish made using potatoes, spices, long-grain rice, yogurt, and meat. It is surely a delight for all food lovers and a favorite of several tourists.

Recipe for Mauritian biryani

6. Dholl Puri

Dholl Puri is a popular street food option in Mauritius. It is made by stuffing white bread with ground split peas. People love enjoying it along with any curry or chutney for extra taste. The unique Mauritius specialty is easily found across the island and is a must-try!

Recipe for Dholl Puri

7. Mine Frites

Another popular street food in Mauritius is Mine Frites. Fried onion and chili are topped on fried noodles in the making of this dish. So, if you like Chinese food, you must try this mouthwatering option on the island.

Recipe for Mine Frites

8. Bol Renverse

Bol Renverse is also a type of biryani but is cooked in a slightly different way. It has three layers first egg, then fried seafood/chicken, and lastly, veggies with Asian sauces. The dish is loaded with flavors and great taste to impress anybody with each bite.

Recipe for Bol Renverse

9. Boulettes

Another type of dim sum available in Mauritius is Boulettes. These dim sums are served along with a broth. The dish is made using fish, pork, beef, prawn, chicken, and vegetables. If you want a bowl full of flavors and great taste, then do not miss out on Boulettes.

Recipe for Boulettes

10. Alouda

Alouda is a popular falooda variant found in Mauritius. The gelatinous drink is prepared using agar agar, basil seeds, flavored essence, and milk. It is a vibrant, refreshing drink that people love to sip on for dessert or during summers.

Recipe for Alouda



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