10 Most Popular Foods in Malta

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Situated near the Mediterranean Sea, Malta is a small European country with its exotic cuisine. Maltese cuisine is influenced by the cuisines of Italy, Spain, France, and England. In Maltese cuisine, seafood takes the lead. This Maltese cuisine is mainly season-based. You will find tomatoes and olives in most of the Maltese dishes. Here, in this food article, we will talk about the top 10 foods in Malta. So, let’s dig in.

1. Kapunata

Kapunata is a popular summer dish of Malta. This savory recipe is more like a Malta special Ratatouille. In this dish, you will find plenty of stewed vegetables, and you will have to set aside at least 40 minutes to prepare this delicious recipe of Kapunata. You must add tomatoes, aubergines, green peppers, etc., in this food.

Recipe for Kapunata

2. Minestra

This Maltese dish of Minestra is more like thick Italian soup. Chefs of Malta add various chopped vegetables in the recipe, such as onions, carrots, tomatoes, beans, celery, etc. The dish is mostly ordered during the winter months in Malta. This Minestra is cooked in olive oil, and you can serve a bowl of hot Minestra soup with rice or Maltese bread.

Recipe for Minestra

3. Pastizzi

The Pastizzi is mainly a Maltese snack. Every traveler coming to Malta should try this savory pastry-filled dish. This traditional dish contains mushy peas. To make this dish, you should work on the stuffing, and the final outcome should be pretty crunchy in nature. The snack is mainly diamond-shaped, and in every bite, there will be an explosion of flakes in your mouth.

Recipe for Pastizzi

4. Timpani

The Timpani is a Maltese baked pie that is extraordinarily delicious. Made with macaroni, the Timpani pie also features cheese, vegetables, meat, and Bolognese sauce. The top surface of this dish has a shortcrust. This golden-brown dish can be the perfect main course for your date nights in Malta.

Recipe for Timpani

5. Cassata

This dish of Cassata is pretty popular in Sicily as well. This is definitely a sweet dish, and we think of the Maltese Cassata as a colorful cake. The key ingredients of the Cassata dish are almond paste and sweet ricotta. The taste of Cassata will vary from one region of Malta to another.

Recipe for Cassata

6. Lampuki pie

The hero of the Lampuki Pie is the sea fish. This fish pie features various vegetables as well. These are potatoes, spinach, etc. The entire dish of Lampuki pie is cooked in olive oil. As a result, the pie is pretty healthy, and obese people can also eat it.

Recipe for Lampuki pie

7. Cannoli

The Maltese dish of Cannoli is a tasty dessert with a slight Italian touch. You can call the dish “cannoli” as well. This heavenly dish is filled with sweet cream. The dessert looks like a tube-shaped pastry, actually. To make this recipe, you will need ricotta, chocolate chips, icing sugar, milk, etc.

Recipe for Cannoli

8. Rabbit stew

This is one of the signature dishes of Malta, and the people of Malta have voted the dish as the national dish of the country. This slow-cooked recipe is mainly made with rabbit meat. Other than this, the chefs also add tomato puree, red wine, garlic, carrots, etc., to the recipe. This flavourful recipe is generally served with spaghetti or pasta.

Recipe for Rabbit stew

9. Bigilla

This Maltese dish is a bean paste. People of Malta generally use the dish of Bigilla as dips or spreads. This flavourful dish of Bigilla features a sweet aroma, and it can be preserved for a few days. The chefs use plenty of herbs, garlic, and parsley to cook this Bigilla recipe. Recipe for Bigilla

10.  Octopus Stew

Maltese locals are crazy about octopus in their meal plates. The Octopus stew is a very simple recipe. Here, you just have to boil the octopus with some salt. Finally, the locals of Malta add some lemon, tomato, and orange rind to bring texture to the food. The food features an alluring aroma.

Recipe for Octopus stew



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