10 Most Popular Foods in Malaysia

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If you love to try new delicacies and cuisines, Malaysia is your ultimate stop. Malaysians love food and have some lip-smacking dishes that attract a lot of tourists. Moreover, in Malaysia, you can find many Thai, Chinese, Malay and Indian foods to pamper your taste buds.

It is very tough to list down the ten most popular foods. However, we have tried to mention only the best in this list. Try all of these dishes and make your visit worthy!

1. Nasi Lemak

Nasi Lemak will top every list of best foods in Malaysia. It is one of the most renowned dish you will come across. In this delicacy, the rice is boiled in coconut milk and pandan. And the dish is served with Ayam rendang, peanuts, prawns sambal, anchovies, and coconut rice on a banana leaf.

Recipe for Nasi Lemak

2. Roti Canai

Roti Canai is an Indian-inspired Malay recipe popularly found in the country of Malaysia. Roti Canai is made using ghee, flour, and water to prepare a flatbread out of it. Usually, it is served with mutton/chicken curry or even daal, and people love accompanying it with any gravy.

Recipe for Roti Canai

3. Beef Rendang

Beef Rendang was not very popular until Gordon Ramsay came to Malaysia to learn to cook this delicacy. It is a famous Malaysian dish made with beef and other flavorful sauces. The impressive rich flavor in the dish comes after several days of sauce preparation and slow-cooking techniques.

Recipe of Beef Rendang

4. Laksa

One can never get full of eating Laksa. It is a highly addictive, delicious recipe with flavors and rich taste. The yummy broth with noodles is topped with popular toppings of the region. People love trying Assam Laksa for its acidic and fishy taste. Also, Sarawak laksa is a great choice if you wish for more subtle flavors.

Recipe for Laksa

5. Murtabak

Also known as the ‘Indian pizza,’ Murtabak is a famous dish found in Malaysia. It is easily found across the country and contains minced meat, egg, garlic, tomato sauce, and onion curry as key ingredients. You will surely not miss this as it is widely available and very popular in Malaysia.

Recipe for Murtabak

6. Chendol

Chendol is a very famous Malaysian dessert. It is made from green rice noodles, red beans, shaved ice, and coconut milk. Moreover, its green color comes because of the pandan leaves. Indeed, Chendol is a bowl full of happiness for all dessert lovers.

Recipe for Chendol

7. Mee Kolok

Mee Kolok is a popular breakfast option for Malaysians. You can easily locate this dish in the city, and it is also available at hawker stalls. It comprises egg noodles, pork, and lard. Undoubtedly, you will love Mee Kolok if you are a pork lover and like trying new varieties in it.

Recipe for Mee Kolok

8. Bak Ku Teh

Bak Ku Teh comes in a large pot with all the meat-bone flavors you need. It has a salty broth, pork stew, and a perfect dip to soothe all your tastes. People love eating it with rice or noodles for a perfect taste balance.

Recipe for Bak Ku Teh

9. Hokkien Mee

Hokkien Mee is a popular noodle recipe found in Malaysia. The dish consists of rice or egg noodles, fried prawns, pork slices, and squid. You can also add some veggies, sauces, and lime for extra flavors. The popular noodle recipe is a favorite choice for most tourists.

Recipe for Hokkien Mee

10. Pandan Cake

Another popular dish is Pandan cake. Also known as Asian vanilla, this popular dessert recipe is a mouthwatering delicacy found in the islands. The best part about it is its gula apong or palm sugar layering, making it a popular choice among all.

Recipe for Pandan Cake


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