10 Most Popular Foods in Malawi

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If you are looking for authentic traditional food, Malawi has the finest cuisines for you. In Malawi, the food is not influenced by different cultures, and thus, it is known for its traditional essence. Malawi is also popular for its lake, and undoubtedly seafood is one of the most liked specialties in the region. Shortlisting a few popular dishes out of the large variety is certainly challenging. However, we have listed the ten most popular foods in Malawi just for you. So, if you travel to Malawi, ensure you do not miss out on these fine delicacies!

1. Chambo

Do not depart from Malawi without trying Chambo. It is a popular dish cooked using the popular fish in Malawi Lake. Fishes like Tilapia, Usipa, and Mpasa are grilled and served along with fries or nsima. Moreover, you can also add Ndiwo, made from tomatoes and peanuts, to please your taste buds with lick-smacking Malawi delicacies.

Recipe for chambo

2. Nsima

When in Malawi, one cannot miss out on Nsima. It is a unique staple dish of the country consumed with various stews. Nsima is a Malawian cake made by stirring cornflour in boiling water. Moreover, the dish is so popular that you can easily find it in nearby countries like Zambia and Tanzania.

Recipe for nsima

3. Kachumbari

If you like pico de gallo or similar foods, you are surely going to enjoy eating Kachumbari. This dish is very dear and loved across the country of Malawi. It is made with spicy chili peppers, onions, cilantro, and tomatoes to add rich flavors.

Recipe for kachumbari

4. Kondowole

The popular dish of north Malawi is often compared to Nsima but is quite different than it. People usually say that Kondowole tastes like Nsima because they have a similar cooking process. However, do not be fooled as the texture and taste of both the dishes are very different. So, ensure you give it a try.

Recipe for kondowole

5. Mkhwani

Mkhwani is a side dish that is usually served along with Nsima. The delicacy is made by cooking pumpkin leaves with stewed tomatoes and groundnut flour. One must try Mkhwani if they like surprises and tasty twists.

Recipe for mkhwani

6. Rice Phala

Rice Phala is also popularly known as Mgaiwa Phala. It is a simple breakfast recipe that the Malawi people cook using maize. The dish is not just satisfying but is a healthy breakfast option for most local people. Also, the dish is made using maize flour, sugar, milk, and cinnamon to pamper your taste buds.

Recipe for rice phala

7. Kholowa

Kholowa is another popular dish served with Nsima in Malawi. It is made using sweet potato leaves, onions, oil, and tomatoes. Surely this recipe has many rich flavors and is a popular choice in the best foods in Malawi.

Recipe for kholowa

8. Thobwa

Are you a beer fan? Then you must try Thobwa when in Malawi. It is a traditional drink that is popularly called ‘sweet beer.’ The process of making it includes fermenting millet or sorghum. It is a popular summer drink, and you will surely be offered this drink while traveling in Malawi.

Recipe for thobwa

9. Nthochi

Nthochi is a popular bread baked using ripe bananas. The traditional recipe combines bananas with butter, sugar, eggs, and flour to home-cook this tasty treat. People in Malawi often love to enjoy it as a dessert or a sweet snack.

Recipe for nthochi

10. Zitumbuwa

Yet another dish cooked with bananas is Zitumbuwa. This dish is cooking, making a dough of corn flour and bananas. Then the dough is fried till it becomes golden brown. It is a simple traditional dish with a lot of taste and originality in its cooking.

Recipe for zitumbuwa