10 Most Popular Foods in Luxembourg

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Surrounded by Belgium, Luxembourg is known for its lip-smacking delicacies and extraordinary cuisine. The cuisine of Luxembourg is influenced by that of France, Germany, Italian, Belgium, and Portugal.

Apart from food, Luxembourg is also famous for its supreme quality wine and beer. If you are a food lover, the following ten dishes of Luxembourg will surprise you. So, let’s dig in.

1. Friture de la Moselle

Originated in the Moselle region, the Friture de la Moselle is made with fried fish. For this dish, use freshwater fish of a small size. To make this mouth-watering dish, first, season the fish with salt and pepper. After that, dip it in lemon juice and flour mixed egg batter. At last, deep fry the fish, and your Friture de la Moselle is ready.

Recipe for Friture de la Moselle

2. Bouneschlupp

This is one of the most cherished dishes of Luxembourg, and it is mainly a thick soup. The dish contains a number of items such as green beans, bacon, potatoes, carrots, onions, celery, leeks, milk, and so on. This delicious recipe can be served with pancakes as well. To make this dish, first, fry the bacon and cook the chopped veggies. After adding water, cook it for 45 minutes and finally spread some fresh cream on it.

Recipe for Bouneschlupp

3. Gromperekichelcher

This Luxembourg dish is more like a potato fritter. People of Luxembourg generally serve the dish with ketchup or soup. You will get the Gromperekichelcher everywhere in Luxembourg. To prepare the recipe, you will need potatoes, garlic, eggs, flour, nutmeg, parsley, shallots, and so on.

Recipe for Gromperekichelcher

4. Quetschentaart

If you are into sweet food items, this plum tart will surprise you. You will find this recipe in Luxembourg during Autumn only. The Quetschentaart dish is mainly made with plums, flour, sugar, softened butter, egg, and salt. First, start with preparing the dough, and finally, you will have to bake the dessert. In the end, you can sprinkle some sugar on top.

Recipe for Quetschentaart

5. Paschteit

You can divide the dish of Paschteit into two parts- the case and the content. People prefer to call the Paschteit a puff pastry. But, the dish is made with chicken, mushroom, sweetbread, pepper, salt, butter, chicken stock, and so on. To cook this traditional recipe of Paschteit, you will have to go through a pretty lengthy process involving so many steps.

Recipe for Paschteit

6. Pate Gaumais

The Pate Gaumais is a special type of pie that involves pork. You will have to set aside around 48 hours to prepare the dish. This hearty dish can be stored for several days. The main ingredients of Pate Gaumais are pork, flour, yeast, garlic, bay leaves, thyme, shallots, and so on.

Recipe for Pate Gaumais

7. Traipen

The Traipen is nothing but a black pudding. The most vital ingredient of the Traipen dish is pork. People of Luxembourg are using pork head meat, tongue, pork lungs, and kidneys for preparing the dish. Other than the blood sausage, chefs use cabbage, stale bread, onion, salt, pepper, etc., for the dish of Traipen.

Recipe for Traipen

8. Jambon en croute

Every traveler coming to Luxembourg should try this dish of Jambon en croute. This is baked food. Once the dish is ready, you can either go for a mustard dip or a honey coating. People of Luxembourg add a variety of vegetables to this Jambon en croute.

Recipe for Jambon en croute

9. Kniddelen

The Kniddelens are nothing but Luxembourg special dumplings. These dumplings are a combination of flour, eggs, butter, bacon, milk, and so on. These Kniddelens are served with soup in Luxembourg. Serve it with a glass of wine if you like.

Recipe for Kniddelen

10. Huesenziwwi

This is one of the exotic dishes in Luxembourg. It includes wine, cream, carrot, mushroom, sage, bay leaves, pepper, etc., in the recipe. Traditionally the people of Luxembourg use thickened hare’s blood to the recipe. Some enthusiastic chefs prefer adding cabbage and noodles to the recipe.

Recipe for Huesenziwwi




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