10 Most Popular Foods in Lithuania

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Lithuania is a famous country in Europe that is recognized for its lovely green landscapes. Further, the country is also famous for its delightful delicacies. One cannot miss their lovely foods when they travel to the country.

The region has a wide variety of dishes for its tourists to enjoy. Picking some most liked foods is certainly not easy. However, we have managed to select some. Ensure you taste these favorites whenever you plan your trip to Lithuania. Keep reading to discover these fantastic delicacies and pamper your vacation taste.

1. Fried Bread

Popularly known as Kepta Duona, the Lithuanian fried bread is a fabulous recipe for the country. The traditional recipe involves frying dark rye bread and seasoning it with garlic, salt, and other contents. People prefer eating it as a snack at any hour of the day. Also, it is the finest comfort food that is enjoyed with alcoholic beverages.

Recipe for Fried Bread

2. Saltibarsciai

Saltibarsciai is a chilled borscht recipe that is made with beetroot, eggs, and potatoes. The dish has a terrific bright pink color that makes it look attractive. Further, it is the most suitable food to consume during warm weather in Lithuania.

Recipe for Saltibarsciai

3. Cepelinai

The most-known and prized dish of Lithuania is Cepelinai. It is a potato dumpling recipe that has meat stuffing. People in Lithuania usually use pork or bacon in their stuffing. Also, it is served with a creamy and rich sauce that enhances its taste. You can easily locate them in Lithuania, and one must taste them when they travel to this country.

Recipe for Cepelinai

4. Grybukai

Another unusual dish of Lithuania is Grybukai. The dish is not made with mushrooms but is simple cookies that look like mushrooms. They are the favorites of many tourists and have rich flavors like cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, and other spices. So, try these unique sweet delicacies when in Lithuania.

Recipe for Grybukai

5. Potato Pancakes

The famous potato pancakes are not just popular in Lithuania but in many parts of Europe. However, each region has its specific way of cooking this dish. The popular breakfast delicacy is a must-try for every tourist as it will certainly surprise your taste buds. Further, it is served with dill, sour cream, and scallions.

Recipe for Potato Pancakes

6. Sakotis

The special cake recipe is a crucial dish of Lithuania. Its traditional recipe involves a slow cooking process to enhance the taste. This cake is very soft and creamy, which makes it a favorite pick of many. Ensure you try this delicacy whenever you are in Lithuania.

Recipe for Sakotis

7. Kibinai

Kibinai is a popular pastry recipe with a mutton filling. The dish is cooked with flour, butter, minced meat, and eggs. People also add different herbs and stuffings in their making. So, ensure you taste all the variations available in Lithuania to make your journey worthy.

Recipe for Kibinai

8. Koldunai

Koldunai is a stuffed dumpling dish that is slowly cooked in salty water. The dish comprises pork, chicken, mushrooms, curd cheese, and other varieties. It is a famous substitute for ravioli and makes a fabulous lunch option. You can enjoy this delicacy with crispy bacon, dips, and other garnishes for better taste.

Recipe for Koldunai

9. Kugelis

Kugelis is a baked potato recipe that is quite similar to lasagne. It is usually served with jam, sour cream, bacon, and other similar sides. The recipe of this food can vary as per choice. However, none of them will upset your taste buds in any way.

Recipe for Kugelis

10. Balandėliai

Balandėliai is a unique version of cabbage rolls you must and must taste. It is cooked with boiled cabbage leaves, minced meat, garlic, raw eggs, onions, and bell peppers. Further, it is seasoned with spices and tomato juice to add flavor. Try this perfect lunch delicacy if you want to try some healthy foods in Lithuania.

Recipe for Balandėliai


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