10 Most Popular Foods in Liechtenstein

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Liechtenstein is a tiny territory that lies amidst Austria and Switzerland. The culinary tradition quite influences the region and even their dishes. Liechtenstein has a variety of foods that you will not easily find.

The country is known for its delicious delicacies and restaurants. So, whenever you visit Liechtenstein, ensure you try these top 10 foods. They are simply delightful and will give your taste buds all the flavors they need. So, keep reading and plan your Liechtenstein trip well. 

1. Wurst 

The tastiest and most delightful treat from Liechtenstein is Wurst. It is a juicy and delightful recipe made from meat. People prefer eating it in a sandwich or along with other siders like chips, dips, etc. So, when in Liechtenstein, ensure you try this tasty and fiery dish to make your trip complete. 

Recipe for Wurst 

2. Muesli 

Muesli is a world-famous breakfast option. However, only a few know that the food is a speciality of Liechtenstein. The oatmeal contains fresh fruits, nuts, seeds, grains, dry fruits, and rich ingredients. Tourists and localities enjoy eating it along with milk or other liquids. Try the original Muesli in Liechtenstein, and you will adore its taste for a lifetime. 

Recipe for Muesli 

3. Kratzete 

Kratzete is a popular pancake recipe cooked in Liechtenstein. The dish is a favourite breakfast recipe and a very tasty delight of Liechtenstein. One can surely not skip this when they travel to the region. Further, it is served with jam or other savory foods to add taste. 

Recipe for Kratzete 

4. Rosti 

Rosti is an interesting dish that contains potato as its chief ingredient. The dish is usually served in breakfast but now is served all day. Sides like eggs and spinach accompany it. And is a tasty fritter recipe that will certainly please your taste buds. 

Recipe for Rosti 

5. Schnitzel 

Schnitzel is a popular deep-fried veal recipe that anybody will adore. The dish may not be a proper Liechtenstein food but is surely one of the finest foods found in that region. You must try their unique recipe and give yourself a tasty delight on your trip. 

Recipe for Schnitzel 

6. Geschnetzelte

Yet another famous veal recipe of Liechtenstein is Geschnetzelte. The food is cooked using veal kidneys and mushrooms. It is a creamy and flavorful recipe that you will thoroughly enjoy. You can try this famous recipe for your big meal when you travel to Liechtenstein. 

Recipe for Geschnetzelte 

7. Schwartenmagen 

If you adore eating pork, then Schwartenmagen is a must-try for you. This recipe is made using pork and other spices and further stuffed with a variety of ingredients. People prefer adding this to their sandwiches and eating it with other sides. 

Recipe for Schwartenmagen 

8. Käsknöpfle

Käsknöpfle is a typical dumpling recipe that comprises cheese and fried onions. The dish is cooked in many variations and as per choice. However, all of them include cheese as the chief ingredient. One cannot skip this dish when they are traveling to Liechtenstein. So, ensure you try this lovely delicacy from the region. 

Recipe for Käsknöpfle

9. Hafalaab 

Hafalaab is a popular soup recipe that is easily found in Liechtenstein. The broth contains dumplings that are prepared with cornmeal and flour. Further, it is flavored with bacon or ham. The traditional recipe is popular and a favorite of many tourists in Liechtenstein. 

Recipe for Hafalaab 

10. Fish Stew 

The Liechtensteiner fish stew is a popular traditional recipe that mainly comprises fish. It also comprises potatoes, garlic, celery, olive oil, parsley, and tomatoes. People prefer eating this meal with bread or rice. Ensure you try this wonderful dish from Liechtenstein to make your vacay worthy. 

Recipe for Fish Stew 


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