10 Most Popular Foods in Lesotho

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The rocky Kingdom of Lesotho in Southern Africa is home to primarily indigenous people. On the other hand, the identity is a mash-up of many tribes and customs that have merged into the contemporary local cultures. Nutrition in the countryside is easy; most people produce food and cattle all year to sustain themselves.

Basotho people of Lesotho food got influenced by African traditions as well as British influences. Flavorings are used in Basotho cuisine, which is typically less spicy than in other African countries. Here are the best popular foods of Lesotho:

1. Borotho

Borotho is African bread that originated in Lesotho. The dough got cooked in the oven or a thick skillet over a low flame. It’s also possible to steam the pastry. The bread is frequently served with grilled meat, soups or enjoyed with fruity preserves once it has gotten beautifully toasted.

Recipe for Borotho

2. Basotho Burger

The Basotho burger is a unique African cuisine from Lesotho; it is a beef dish, not really a burger. Chicken flesh, curry paste, salt, pepper, peanut oil, and cayenne pepper are used to make it. First, oil got smeared over the meat, then flavored and peppered before being crushed and shaped into hamburgers.

Recipe for Basotho Burger

3. Makoneva

Makoenva is a Lesotho delicacy. Flour, sugar, salt, yeast, water, vegetable oil, raisins, and cinnamon are all used in its preparation. When the croquettes are still sizzling, they are coated in cinnamon sugar and given with a hot cup of coffee or tea alongside.

Recipe for Makoneva

4. Pap Pap

Papa, a thick porridge prepared from wheat or millet, is a Basotho main meal. In a big pot, cornmeal is Prepared with water, generally over a wood-burning stove. If the circumstances allow it, it is eaten with veggies, beans, or (less frequently) meat. Papa is usually consumed with the hands once presented.

Recipe for Pap Pap

5. Lekhotloane

Lesotho’s typical cuisine, Lekhotloane, is a classic African dish. It’s made out of smashed beef and is typically eaten with potatoes. Oil, onions, and beef stock cubes are among the other components. After boiling the meat until it is pretty soft, it is chopped into pieces and crushed with a pestle. 

Recipe for Lekhotloane

6. Nyekoe

Nyekoe is a Lesotho-inspired traditional African cuisine. Beans, sorghum, pumpkin, oil, salt, and pepper got used to making this dish. After the beans are steeped overnight and stewed with sorghum, tiny pumpkin chunks are put in the saucepan with the ingredients. It’s traditionally made in giant black cauldrons in the winter.

Recipe for Nyekoe

7. AfrikaanseStoofschotel

A popular Lesotho cuisine is AfrikaanseStoofschotel. Onions, potatoes, white cabbage, tomatoes, curry powder, salt, and pepper are used to make this dish. First, Fry the potatoes and cabbage in a pan, then add the onions, curry powder, water, and tomatoes. This easy-to-make vegetable stew may get served as a main meal or a side dish.

Recipe forAfrikaanseStoofschotel

8. Butha-buthe

Butha-buthe is a Lesotho soup that is both healthful and nourishing. The soup is created with spinach and citrus as the major components and is often linked with the namesake region. Split beans, onions, rice flour, turmeric, greens, and coriander are added to the liquid to form the dish.

Recipe for Butha-buthe

9. Chakalaka     

Chakalaka is a traditional South African dish that is eaten all over the country. It is mainly used for parties and gatherings and a must-have for braais (South African barbecues). According to legend, it was created by folks working in mines who combined veggies on hand with canned beans to make a delicious condiment to go with their stodgy main.

Recipe for Chakalaka

10. Mealie

In African countries, corn is referred to as a Mealie. It is because these biscuits have a light and airy texture. In Lesotho, these cornmeal biscuits are frequently served with savory stews. They’re a fantastic addition to any flavorful stew or soup.

Recipe for Mealie



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