10 Most Popular Foods in Lebanon

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Lebanon is a beautiful country that has several surprises for its visitors. So, if you like different delicacies, then your trip to Lebanon will not fail. The country has everything you wish for in a perfect trip. Its variety of dishes will certainly delight you.

Picking a few out of the plenty foods is certainly not easy. However, we have picked a few that each visitor must try when they travel to Lebanon. The authentic dishes of Lebanon will surely melt your heart. Try all of these to make your trip worthy, and do not skip the exciting flavors of this lovely country.

1. Shish Taouk 

The popular chicken kebabs are a favorite delicacy of Lebanon. Any Lebanese cuisine is incomplete without Shish Taouk. Cooking this dish is simple, Lebanese people marinate chicken pieces using garlic, paprika, lemon juice, tomato paste, and then grill them. People enjoy feasting on this dish with bread or sauces. 

Recipe for Shish Taouk 

2. Kibbeh 

Kibbeh is a traditional recipe that is made with lamb, soaked wheat, and other contents. The dish is a popular snack recipe and a royal delicacy of the country. A traveler cannot miss this wonderful delicacy when in Lebanon. So, make sure you taste this food whenever you get a chance. 

Recipe for Kibbeh 

3. Manakish 

Manakish is a favorite flatbread recipe that many people cherish. The dish has minced lamb, cheese, spinach, eggplant, and other toppings. Also, Lebanese people prefer eating this flavorful dish for breakfast. Moreover, it is a popular Lebanese pizza recipe that visitors adore. 

Recipe for Manakish 

4. Shawarma 

The famous delicacy that is easily found on any street of Lebanon is a Shawarma. This dish comprises beef, vegetables, and other sauces. Moreover, it has a pita bread covering and is served with Fattoush. Shawarmas are a never miss whenever you travel to Lebanon. 

Recipe for Shawarma 

5. Baba Ghanoush 

If you adore hummus, then you must taste Baba Ghanoush. It is a popular dip recipe that people eat with pita bread. The dish is cooked using eggplant and has a pomegranate topping. Hummus is a favorite in the entire country, and people like trying its varieties. 

Recipe for Baba Ghanoush 

6. Tabbouleh 

The most colorful dish in Lebanon is Tabbouleh. It is a salad recipe made with tomatoes, onions, parsley, bulgur, and mint. The crunchy texture of this lovely dish will surely satisfy your taste. It is a perfect dietary option that is also a healthy option for most diet-conscious people.

Recipe for Tabbouleh  

7. Falafel 

Lebanon has a special treat for all vegetarians visiting the country. Falafels are the most flavorful cutlets you will come across in the region. People cook this dish using parsley, onions, cumin, coriander, and chickpeas. You will easily locate this lovely delicacy in any corner or street of Lebanon.

Recipe for Falafel 

8. Ma’amoul 

The ancient cookie recipe is a rich and flavorful dish made with nuts, walnuts, dates, and dry fruits. These cookies are specially cooked during festivals like Easter and Christmas. Surely, every tourist adores these cookies, and it is a must-try Lebanese snack option. 

Recipe for Ma’amoul 

9. Fattoush 

A simple yet flavorful salad recipe that every tourist adores when in Lebanon is Fattoush. Lebanese cuisine is incomplete without this lovely delicacy. This dish consists of pita bread, lettuce, crunchy cucumbers, peppers, onions, garlic, and radish. It is an authentic Lebanese salad recipe that all visitors adore when in Lebanon. 

Recipe for Fattoush 

10. Sfiha 

Sfiha is a traditional Lebanon recipe that comprises lamb, spices, tomatoes, yogurt, and chopped onions. People prefer eating this delicacy for dinners and other special occasions. Overall, the pie recipe is a wonderful dish and treats meat adorers love.   

Recipe for Sfiha 



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