10 Most Popular Foods in Latvia

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Understanding Latvian food is not very difficult. The region offers a variety of tastes that you will not easily get anywhere. Latvia is a perfect spot for your vacation if you want to enjoy some mouthwatering delicacies by the sea. The country has classic beaches and architecture that will leave you amazed.

Out of the varied cuisines and dishes in Latvia, we have picked some good options for you to try. So, if you go to Latvia, assure you don’t skip these lovely foods. They are certainly worth trying and will make your trip complete. Keep reading and know more about this wonderful country. 

1. Karbonade

If you adore pork, then Karbonade is a no skip delicacy for you. The lip-smacking meat dish comprises thin-sliced pork coated with flour and other ingredients. Further, Latvians serve this dish with mushroom sauce and other sides like veggies. It is a wholesome dish that will certainly fulfill all your cravings.

Recipe for Karbonade

2. AukstāGaļa

This dish is a good breakfast option served in Latvia. The traditional delicacy includes pork meat, precisely the ear, and head part. Also, some people use high-quality beef as an alternative option to cook it. Do not skip on it, and ensure you try it whenever you visit Latvia. 

Recipe for AukstāGaļa

3. Cold Soup

Only a few countries have cold soup as a specialty. Also, Latvia has this novel soup recipe that will amaze your taste. The dish comprises beets, boiled eggs, cucumber, kefir, and milk sausages. Further, the soup is seasoned with mixed spices, pepper, and salt to add taste. It is a stunning summer recipe that a tourist must try. 

Recipe for Cold Soup

4. Rasols

Rasols is a meat salad recipe that you will adore. It is a healthy version that will consider all your dietary needs and also please your taste buds. The dish comprises potatoes, eggs, herring, green peas, beef. Tourists also prefer adding seasoning and other spices for more taste. 

Recipe for Rasols

5. Skābeņu zupa

Latvia has something for people that adore authentic Chinese food. Their Skābeņu zupa is a lovely traditional recipe with beef stock, onions, pearl barley, and other flavors. Latvians serve this soup both hot and cold as wished. 

Recipe for Skābeņu zupa

6. Frikadeļu zupa

Another famous up from Latvia is Frikadeļu zupa. It is a meatball soup recipe cooked with either grounded beef or pork and other contents like onions, eggs, flour, and milk. People prefer adding fresh dill or chopped parsley for more taste. 

Recipe for Frikadeļu zupa

7. Potato Pancakes

Pancakes are a worldwide favorite; Latvia has a special pancake recipe for its visitors. Potatoes are a crucial component of the country’s cuisine. So, ensure when you travel to Latvia, you try their local potato pancakes. They are simply a delight and will serve all your cravings. 

Recipe for Potato Pancakes

8. Kotletes

Kotletes are minced meat cutlets, and every home in Latvia has its way of making this lovely dish. The patties are made using chicken, beef, fish, or pork and combined with onions, garlic, and mixes. They are lovely delicacies and a must-try for every meat adorer. 

Recipe for Kotletes

9. Rupjmaize

The unique bread recipe is a Latvian bread dish comprising whole-grain rye. This bread has a sour and sweet flavoring that makes it striking. People prefer eating it with cheese, smoked fish, and other main dishes. 

Recipe for Rupjmaize 

10. Kvass

For all those who adore drinks, Kvass is a must-try. It is a very famous European drink and tastes quite similar to beer. However, Latvians do not consider it alcoholic. The drink is sweet and a favorite of many visitors. 

Recipe for Kvass 


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