10 Most Popular Foods in Kuwait

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Located in the western part of Asia, Kuwait is well-renowned for its cultural diversity and exotic cuisine. Kuwaiti cuisine is actually a nice blend of Arabian cuisine, Iranian cuisine, and so on. The Kuwaiti cuisine is rice-based to some extent.

The people of Kuwait prepare lots of spicy delicacies in their kitchen. So, let’s know about their top dishes.

1. Machboos

The Machboos is actually a Kuwaiti rice specialty. These traditional Machboos look just like Indian biryanis. Do you know the people of Kuwait consider Machboos as the national dish of Kuwait? Fragrant basmati rice is generally used to prepare this authentic delicacy. For meat, you can either use chicken or mutton. Rosewater and saffron bring a unique flavor to the recipe. You can serve a bowl of Daqqus with the Machboos.

Recipe for machboos

2. MuttabaqSamak

This Kuwaiti fish and rice recipe will make travelers visit Kuwait again and again. MuttabaqSamak is prepared in fish stock. The Kuwaiti specialty of MuttabaqSamak is pretty spicy in nature. Generally, you will get to see Pomfret fish in this dish of MuttabaqSamak.

Recipe for MuttabaqSamak

3. Khubz

Khubz is nothing but a particular type of Arabic flatbread. This Arabic bread is prepared with wheat flour. The local chefs of Kuwait generally bake the Khubz in a hot oven. This traditional middle eastern food tastes good with hummus. You can have this recipe with caramelized onions, sauteed mushrooms, tomatoes, and so on.

Recipe for Khubz

4. Maglooba

The Maglooba is an upside-down rice cake. This savory cake is made with rice, meat, eggplant, and so on. The Maglooba is generally prepared in a circular flat pot. This traditional middle eastern recipe looks amazingly peculiar. People of Kuwait generally prepare the Maglooba on special occasions.

Recipe for Maglooba

5. Margoog

Margoog is nothing but a meat stew. This delicious recipe of Margoog features various vegetables. The Margoog features soft and tender lamb meat as well. Here, the meat is cooked alongside whole wheat dough. You can order a plate full of Margoog for both lunch and dinner.

Recipe for Margoog

6. Gabout

The Gabout is nothing but the Kuwaiti style of dumpling recipe. The dish is served in a meat stew. Tourists order Gabout in Kuwait all through the year. Here, the stuffed dumplings are added to the thick meat stew. A bowl full of Gabout will serve more than one person at a time.

Recipe for Gabout

7. Shawarma

Delicious Shawarma is quite famous in Kuwait. Here, the local chefs add two types of meat, such as chicken and mutton. Pickled cucumber, carrots, turnip, and other salad items are added to the dish of Shawarma. Some chefs add tomatoes and onions to the Shawarma as well. You can serve the delicacy with tomato ketchup or mayonnaise at any time.

Recipe for Shawarma

8. Fatayer

This Fatayer is a stuffed bread prepared in Kuwait. The Fatayer is baked in the hot oven. On top of the bread, you will get to see sesame seeds. There are four types of Fatayer in Kuwait. These are jiban, leban, iaham, and za’atar.

Recipe for Fatayer

9. Quozi

In Kuwait, people call the Quozi as “Goozi’ or “Ghozi.” This lip-smacking recipe is found in every eatery of Kuwait. The Quozi features a freshly cut whole lamb. This lamb is generally stuffed with various vegetables, nuts, spices, etc. The stuffed lamb is placed on top of the spiced rice. Traditionally Quoziis usually prepared in an open fire with burning coal.

Recipe for Quozi

10. Gers Ogaily

This flavourful Kuwaiti cake or Gers Ogaily is pretty famous by its name of “perfume cake.” This traditional cake features a pleasant aroma. This yellow cake is prepared with saffron, rose water, sesame seeds, etc. The mouth-watering Gers Ogaily is baked in a cake pan. This fluffy Gers Ogaily falls in the category of desserts.

Recipe for Gers Ogaily



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