10 Most Popular Foods in Kiribati

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The island country of Kiribati is situated right in the heart of the Pacific Ocean. Categorized as one of the Oceanian countries, Kiribati offers the world tourists its wonderful yet exotic delicacies. The people of Kiribati are mostly dependent on rice, fish, seafood, etc.

This article talks about some lip-smacking delicacies of Kiribati which no one can afford to miss. So, let’s start.

1. Te bua toro ni baukin

Te bua toro ni baukin is a traditional Kiribati meal prepared with lots of vegetables and meat. The people of Kiribati use canned meat for this delicacy. Other than this, they can use items like cabbage, pumpkin, flour, milk, baking powder, and so on. It is seasoned by the local chefs of Kiribati with some pepper, lemon juice, salt, etc. Believe it or not, Te bua toro ni baukin is a baked delicacy of Kiribati.

Recipe for Te bua toro ni baukin

2. Batata mash

Here, the word batata refers to sweet potato. The batata mash is nothing but sweet potatoes in a mashed form. The people of Kiribati boil the sweet potatoes at first. Later, they combine sweet potato with butter, coconut, etc. The batata mash is a creamy recipe. People generally order this recipe as a side dish with some grilled meat.

Recipe for Batata mash

3. Roasted lobster tails with coconut curry dipping sauce

The star of the recipe is undoubtedly the lobster tail. Here, the lobster tails are roasted in an oven with some seasoning. Then, chefs add some oil to the recipe, and they bake it properly. For making the creamy sauce dip, you will need ingredients like curry powder, coconut milk, ginger, turmeric, salt, and so on

Recipe for roasted lobster tails with coconut curry dipping sauce.

4. Te inai

Te Inai is a fish recipe prepared with parrotfish. This typical dish features vibrant reef fish as well. First, you should marinate the fish with lemon juice, garlic, etc. Te inai is generally served hot and crispy. If you are in Kiribati and ordering Te Inai, you should definitely order a salad plate with it.

Recipe for Te Inai

5. Kiribati pumpkin coconut soup

This super delicious recipe of Kiribati pumpkin coconut soup can be served both hot and cold. The combination of pumpkin and coconut brings a unique blend of taste to the recipe. The people of Kiribati island generally prefer the dish as a starter.

Recipe for Kiribati pumpkin coconut soup

6. Palusami

Palusami is known as the national dish in the Island country of Kiribati. To prepare a delicious Palusami, you will need young taro leaves, coconut milk, curry powder, banana leaves, breadfruit leaves, hot water, and black pepper. Serve the Palusami in a serving platter with some garnishing on the sides.

Recipe for Palusami

7. Milk rice

Aromatic Milk rice is one of the most sought-after dishes in Kiribati. You will require some side dish with the milk rice. The recipe is highly coconut-rich in nature. The milk rice is generally cut in diamond shapes.

Recipe for milk rice

8. South pacific shrimp

The people of Kiribati love to have shrimp in their lunch and dinner. For the south pacific shrimp, frozen shrimps can be used. Weight watchers can also have the dish of South Pacific Shrimp as it is pretty low in calories.

Recipe for south pacific shrimp

9. Mushroom chicken

Mushroom chicken is quite popular among the tourists of Kiribati. This extraordinary recipe is served as a main course in various restaurants. To cook the Mushroom chicken, give around 55 minutes. Ingredients for preparing the mushroom chicken are chopped mushrooms, chicken wings, chicken stock, black pepper, and many others.

Recipe for mushroom chicken

10. Tomato coconut noodle dish

The tomato coconut noodle is actually a vegan recipe. If you have coconut milk, ramen, pineapple rings, etc., with you, you can make the tomato coconut noodle dish. Try to prepare the Tomato coconut noodle dish with some vegetable oil.

Recipe for tomato coconut noodle dish


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