10 Most Popular Foods in Kenya

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Situated on the eastern coast of the African continent, Kenya is a small country known for its excellent biodiversity and exotic cuisine. The people of Kenya mainly depend on grains like millet, sorghum, different types of vegetables, and meat.

Ugali is the most popular dish in Kenya, and it has been declared as the national food of the country as well. If you are a food lover, you should definitely try out the following lip-smacking dishes Kenya has to offer.

1. Ingoho

This poultry dish is pretty popular in the western part of Kenya. To prepare this mouth-watering delicacy, you will need a whole fresh chicken. In Ingoho, you will get to see roasted chicken pieces with a crispy brown color coating on the outer part. The traditional Ingoho features onions, spices, tomatoes, etc. In the end, use chopped coriander leaves to garnish the Ingoho.

Recipe for Ingoho

2. Mukimo

This Kenyan dish is made in a single pot. The one-pot dish of Mukimo features chopped vegetables like corn, potatoes, beans, etc. The locals add a unique herb named chard in the recipe of Mukimo. The Mukimo is a compulsory item for all Kenyan celebrations.

Recipe for Mukimo

3. Irio

This hearty Kenyan recipe features only potatoes, peas, and corn. Here, the vegetables are mashed together in the dish of Irio. This comforting Irio recipe is actually a side dish. You have to order some main course with Irio. Tourists generally order Irio with grilled steak.

Recipe for Irio

4. Mutura

This Kenyan sausage dish is pretty popular among locals. The dish of Mutura features parts of goat intestine, ground meat, goat blood, and so on. Among the spices, the chefs generally use ginger powder, garlic powder, coriander powder, etc., to the dish. Here, the meat is boiled at first before shifting it to the grill pan.

Recipe for Mutura

5. Ugali

You can order creamy Ugali for your dinner, lunch, and breakfast. Prepared with cornmeal paste, the Ugali is ordered by tourists in Kenya all through the year. You should order some stew or sauce if you are ordering Ugali. No matter how savory your Ugali is, it will be a perfect Ugali if it doesn’t stick to your fingers. Ugali is an integral part of the Kenyan food culture.

Recipe for Ugali

6. Samaki

Samaki is a Kenyan fish recipe prepared with freshwater fishes like Tilapia. The savory Samaki recipe can be dry fried or wet fried. This popular Kenyan meal looks bright and colorful. You can have a plate full of Samaki with fresh lime, red chilies, and some sauce.

Recipe for Samaki

7. Nyama Choma

Nyama Choma refers to grilled meat in African countries. This extraordinary recipe is made with the meat of goat and beef mainly. Local Kenyan chefs prepare the delicacy with fish and chicken as well. This slow-cooked dish is prepared on an open fire with the help of some charcoal. If you are above 21, enjoy this Kenyan delicacy with a glass full of ice-cold beer.

Recipe for Nyama Choma

8. Matoke

Matoke or Plantain banana stew is one of the top Kenyan delicacies. This fine east African delicacy features highland bananas only. This wholesome meal goes pretty well with a bowl full of beef stew. Chopped onions and tomatoes are found in this dinner dish. Serve this colorful Matoke while it is hot.

Recipe for Matoke

9. Omena

The recipe of Omena is called the Silver Cyprinid. This beloved Kenyan delicacy is served in every Kenyan household. These days, Omena or silverfish is being sold in grocery stores and roadside food stalls. This healthy and tasty recipe is rich in Calcium and other minerals.

Recipe for Omena

10. Chips Mayai

This is technically an omelet and fish fry in a single dish. The Chips Mayai tastes pretty good with tomato ketchup. This culinary wonder of Kenya features various local spices. The Chips Mayai looks like a big yellow pancake. The dish is served in every restaurant in Kenya.

Recipe for chips Mayai



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