10 Most Popular Foods in Kazakhstan

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Once a part of the Soviet Union, this landlocked country has been free for several years. Its culture and traditions attract a lot of tourists annually. One of the other things that attract a huge number of tourists towards it is its unique cuisine. So, if you happen to visit Kazakhstan soon or dream about it, then this article is just for you.

1. Kurt

It might not be the tastiest item on this list, but it surely is the perfect nomadic Kazakh food. A ball of fermented cheese, traditionally it is a go-to food for Kazakh nomads. The nomads first turn the sour milk to curd. Then, they give it the shape of balls and leave it to harden under the sun. It serves as an all-season high-calcium snack for the nomads to sustain in the harsh climate.

Recipe for Kurt

2. Beshbarmak

The national dish of Kazakhstan, the Kazakh culture, has had a very big influence over the way it is served. Boiled meat, generally horse or mutton, pasta sheets, and a creamy sauce (onions, meat broth, salt, and pepper) make up this delicious dish. The oldest members and the guests of honor of the celebration get the best parts of the slaughtered animal. A person’s age and social status decide the part of the meat he/she would get. The oldest ones get the best parts.

Recipe for Beshbarmak

3. Plov

It is the Kazakh version of the pulao. It consists of rice along with spices, onions, carrots, and lamb. Furthermore, it is quite a common food in Kazakhstan and is also served when there is a large gathering.

Recipe for Plov

4. Manti

With a single look, it might closely resemble the momo. A thin dough wraps up the spicy mixture of meat in it. Manti is the result of steaming or boiling this dough. The meat generally used are horse, beef, and lamb. Popular street food of Kazakhstan, street food vendors serve it with various types of sauces. So, if you ever get a chance to visit Kazakh soil, don’t forget to try Manti.

Recipe for Manti

5. Tandyr Nan

The Tandyr Nan is the Kazakh name of Tandoor Nan. But don’t let its name fool you, because instead of the tandoor, an oven prepares it. Two metal pans keep the dough between them and bake it in an oven. The final product resembles oven-prepared bread. If you see it, you will find that it looks more like bread than a Nan. It’s pretty big, too.

Recipe for Tandyr Nan

6. Shelpek

These are essentially flatbreads. Flour, butter, cream, sugar, and salt mix up together to create the magical dough. If you ever get a chance to see its preparation, you can see people making discs out of the dough. They then fry it until it turns golden brown.

Recipe for Shelpek

7. Kazy

Have you ever heard of sausages? Well, Kazy is the traditional and flattened version of sausage. To prepare Kazy, people generally use horsemeat. A very fat-rich dish, Kazy is an integral part of every Kazakh celebration.

Recipe for Kazy

8. Baursak

These are made of different shapes of dough that are fried. The amount of sugar getting in the dough controls Baursak’s sweetness. So, it can be called a customized snack in which the sugary content can be according to the person’s taste. They are yet another national dish of Kazakhstan.

Recipe for Baursak

9. Halva

Halva, in different forms, is famous in many parts of the world. Kazakhstan is no exception, either. In Kazakhstan, it is essentially a sweet paste of sunflower seeds taken with tea. However, a lot of variations of the traditional Halva exist.

Recipe for Halva

10. Samsa

The last in this list, but certainly not the least, is the Samsa. It is essentially a pastry. However, don’t get fooled. This is not your ordinary pastry. It is filled with meat. A particular feature of the Samsa is that it is triangular. They are a popular and tasty snack in Kazakhstan. So, make sure to try them once you visit Kazakhstan.

Recipe for Samsa


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