10 Most Popular Foods in Italy

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The Mediterranean country of Italy is known for its rich heritage and beautiful tourist spots. The mouth-watering Italian cuisine makes this country one of the top choices for world tourists. Italian cuisine is mainly dominated by ingredients like tomatoes, cheese, meat, etc.

Though Italian cuisine is known for its various types of pasta, here, in this article, we will talk about top Italian delicacies mostly.

1. Pizza

This Italian flatbread recipe is worldwide famous. Earlier, Italian chefs used to apply tomato sauce to pizza. While in Italy, you should definitely try the famous Margherita pizza. These days, pizzas feature various spices along with mozzarella cheese. You can try frozen pizzas if you want. The Neapolitan-style pizza features a nice fluffy crust on the outer sides. Whereas the roman style pizza features a thin yet crunchy crust.

Recipe for pizza

2. Lasagna

To prepare the Italian delicacy of Lasagna, you need a well-functioning oven. This Lasagna features flat pasta stacked in various layers. This delicious meal of Lasagna tastes good with meat sauce. Today, modern Lasagna features tomatoes, cheese, bechamel sauce, etc. For Lasagna, Italian chefs prefer homemade pasta or noodles.

Recipe for Lasagna

3. Polenta

The Polenta is actually a corn recipe quite famous in Italy. The dish is prepared with stone-ground corn. You can use a copper pot for cooking the Polenta from scratch. You must add the corn to boiling broth. For making a classic Polenta, add butter, black pepper, and parmesan cheese to the recipe.

Recipe for Polenta

4. Risotto

The dish of Risotto took birth in Italy in the 13th century. The main ingredient of Risotto is rice. Apart from this, the chefs also add cheese, onions, butter, etc., to the Risotto recipe. Risotto is generally cooked in white wine. In the end, you can add some saffron broth and parmesan cheese.

Recipe for Risotto

5. Truffles

Truffle is one of the most coveted Italian foods which is famous in America as well. In Italy, you can get two different types of truffles. The white truffle is more aromatic in nature than the black truffle. You can try out the truffles with some pasta if you want. The omelet and Risotto are also good options for truffles.

Recipe for Truffles

6. Ravioli

Ravioli is nothing but stuffed pasta which is one of the top delicacies of Italy. The savory filling of Ravioli is prepared with various ingredients such as ricotta cheese, herbs, sauce, minced meat, and so on. You can find square-shaped or round-shaped Ravioli in Italian cuisine.

Recipe for Ravioli

7. Caprese salad

The Caprese salad is a highly sought-after Italian recipe. This summer, the salad tastes good with some grilled meat. For preparing the Caprese salad, you will require basil leaves, mozzarella cheese, and so on. The authentic Italian Caprese salad features olive oil and some classic vinegar. The Caprese salad looks pretty bright, and it can boost your appetite easily.

Recipe for Caprese salad

8. Tiramisu

Believe it or not, Tiramisu is the most beloved dessert recipe in Italy. This no-bake dessert features ingredients like egg yolks, cocoa, coffee, savoiardi, and so on. You can serve a cup full of Tiramisu after dinner. In modern times, people are adding cheese to the recipe.

Recipe for Tiramisu

9. Saltimbocca

The Italian Saltimbocca is actually a veal recipe that is made with some herbs, prosciutto, and so on. The modern Italian chefs are adding chicken and mutton pieces to the recipe of Saltimbocca. A well-made Saltimbocca looks amazing, and it features a tangy flavor.

Recipe for Saltimbocca

10. Torrone

The Torrone is a creamy and sticky Italian dessert recipe made with honey, egg white, etc. The chefs add toasted nuts and citrus zest to the recipe of Torrone. You can dip the Torrone in rich chocolate any time you want. Most of the Italian candy stores keep Torrone.

Recipe for Torrone


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