10 Most Popular Foods in Iraq

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If your wanderlust takes you to beautiful places that people find dangerous, Iraq is the place for you. Iraq is way more than a war-torn and militarily volatile country. The culture, the tourist spots, and the cuisines are something that you will never find anywhere but there. This article will take you on a journey of the top 10 Iraqi cuisines that one must try.

1. Masgouf

The best way to kick-off a journey spanning dishes particular to cuisine is to start with the national dish. Masgouf fish, which has its origins in Mesopotamia, is something out of this world. The main fish used are the large freshwater carps and barbs straight out of the River Tigris. The fish is marinated without peeling off the skin and is roasted for hours on low heat. This is the reason for its classic taste.

Recipe for Masgouf

2. Kanafeh

If you want to satisfy your sweet tooth in Iraq, then nothing comes better than Kanafeh. A pastry-like dessert with white-brine cheese as the base material, Kanafeh is the best closure to any meal. The white-brine cheese is dipped and soaked into the sugary syrup and is extremely popular in the Middle East.

3. Iraqi Kebab

Indians love three things when it comes to food- chicken, Biryani, and kebab. And what could be better than tasting Iraq’s specialty- its kebab? Extremely popular street food in Iraq is marinated meat with the special Middle-eastern spices sprinkled all over it. And if you don’t know, the golden standard of the spices has been set by the Middle-Easterns themselves. So, there’s no doubt the Iraqi kebab dissolves with a royal taste in the mouth.

Recipe for Iraqi Kebab

4. Iraqi Biryani

To all the Hyderabadis out there, the only place that can rival your Biryani is Iraq. So beware! Biryani needs no introduction. And with one look, even the Iraqi version of Biryani looks the same. However, the real deal is its royal taste, which is an amalgamation of the Iraqi style of cooking and the royal Middle-eastern spices.

Recipe for Iraqi Biryani

5. Sfiha

One look can make you confuse Sfiha to be some sort of miniature pizza. The bread base is sprinkled over by topping consisting of ground meat, mainly lamb and mutton. To enhance flavor, flavor-boosters like tomatoes and Middle-eastern spices are also used.

Recipe for Sfiha

6. Ka’ak

Another savory to satisfy your sweet cravings is the Ka’ak. It is in the form of a ring-shaped snack consisting of sesame seed flour, egg yolk, and sugar. The traditional version sprinkles sesame seeds on Ka’ak while it is still warm. However, certain aberrations use different flavors of fillings and toppings.

Recipe for Ka’ak

7. Kleicha

Iraqi cuisine has no shortage of snacks. Another one on this list is the Kleicha. These are cookies in the form of your favorite Swiss roll. However, unlike Swiss roll, where the cream is filled in the center, Kleicha is stuffed with date paste. Everyone knows that the Middle-east is the home to the world’s finest dates.

Recipe for Kleicha

8. Maqluba

Its name roughly translates to upside-down, and more interestingly, it is also served that way. Maqluba combines lamb with a variety of vegetables and rice. It is cooked in a pot using low heat. It keeps the layers of Maqluba intact and conserves the flavor. When it is served, it resembles a cake.

Recipe for Maqluba

9. Quzi

Lambs are the specialty of Iraq. Hence, if you get a chance to visit this middle-eastern country, don’t forget to try Quzi. Traditionally, it is cooked slowly, which conserves its essence. Not only that but the lamb is also stuffed with many edibles and spices.

Recipe for Quzi

10. Adas Bil Hamod

It is a lentil soup with added lemon to give it a sour taste. It was one of the dishes for religious occasions in Iraq. If you are a vegetarian, then it’s a must you try this excellent vegetarian food of Iraq. Apart from lentils and a touch of lemon, it consists of onions, potatoes, and cilantro as well.

Recipe for Adas Bil Hamod



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