10 Most Popular Foods in Indonesia

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Although the primary function of food is to fill our bellies and provide us with energy, it also plays a role in giving us happiness! Hence, trying out different cuisines from around the world is a must.

Indonesian cuisine combines many regional cuisines based upon indigenous culture, often consisting of foreign influences. It includes rice, noodles, fish, meat, flavourful spices, etc. So, we have listed the following lip-smacking Indonesian recipes for you to try.

1. Sate Padang

If you are a meat-lover who loves to have barbecued meat, this dish is something you need to try immediately! Sate Padang consists of grilling beef pieces in skewers on hot charcoal after marinating them in some spices. Consume this dish with some “ketupat” and enjoy its incredible flavors.

Recipe for Sate Padang

2. IkanBakar

IkanBakar is typically grilled fish but consists of an Indonesian kick to it. It requires marinating the fish in some “sambal” sauce and grilling it properly. Not only is this dish effortless to make, but it is sure to impress you with its fantastic taste.

Recipe for IkanBakar

3. Sambal

It is crucial to know the preparation process of one of the most widely-consumed accompaniments, the “Sambal” sauce. It consists of making this sauce in the traditional way, which is with the help of pestle and mortar and consists of chilies, sugar, salt, turmeric, shallots, and shrimp paste. The “Sambal” sauce is the secret to any spicy Indonesian food!

Recipe for Sambal

4. PecelLele

As fish occupies a significant portion of Indonesian cuisine, it is impossible to miss out on PecelLele. It is typical street food and requires marinating catfish with some salt, coriander, turmeric, and deep-frying it. The locals love consuming this delicious dish with rice and “sambal” sauce to get the ultimate taste!

Recipe for PecelLele

5. Soto Betawi

Also called “Jakarta soup,” this dish is widely consumed across the country. It is a delicious and aromatic soup, which primarily consists of beef, Indonesian bay leaves, lemongrass, garlic, galangal, coconut milk, etc. This preparation also tastes fantastic with some rice, shallots, and Indonesian pickles on the side.

Recipe for Soto Betawi

6. Bakso

Also called “Indonesian meatballs,” Bakso is a tasty yet straightforward Indonesian dish. It requires preparing the meatballs in the same manner people from all around the world prepare it, but Bakso consists of some tapioca starch, which gives it a bouncy texture. Relish this dish with some white/ yellow noodles or soup.

Recipe for Bakso

7. NasiUduk

NasiUduk is a rice preparation from Indonesia which consists of distinct flavors. It consists of cooking the rice with aromatic ingredients such as lemongrass, coriander seed, bay leaves, “pandan” leaves, cardamom (sometimes), and coconut milk. Having NasiUduk with some fried chicken on the side and “sambal” sauce comes out as an absolute treat!

Recipe for NasiUduk

8. BebekGoreng

BebekGoreng is a delicious non-vegetarian preparation from Indonesia. It consists of frying duck meat in soy and oil with some spices. This dish also pairs up mind-blowingly with some rice, “sambal,” and vegetables on the side.

Recipe for BebekGoreng

9. Siomay

Siomay comes out as a treat to any person who loves having dumplings/ momos. It is a popular street food in Indonesia and consists of fillings such as fish, chicken, tofu, etc. Prepare this dish at your home quickly and eat it with some “sambal” for a more dignified taste!

Recipe for Siomay

10. Martabak

Martabak is a sweet delicacy from Indonesia which is relatively easy to make. It consists of making crepes/ pancakes and filling them with something sweet, such as chocolate. People mainly enjoy this preparation as an evening or a midnight snack!

Recipe for Martabak