10 Most Popular Foods in Iceland

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Iceland is an exciting and unusual island that is a popular part of each traveler’s bucket list. The region has many attractions to please its visitors. One such major attraction of Iceland is its Icelandic cuisine. This island has plenty of flavorful dishes that a visitor must taste before completing their vacation.

Listing down a few of them was challenging; however, we managed to suggest some popular foods. These foods are a must-have whenever you take a trip to this tiny volcanic island. Ensure you do not skip any of these foods and try all of them before leaving. So, scroll on to know more about this exciting island and its cuisine. 

1. Slow Roasted Lamb 

The Icelandic sheep is a rare and pure animal. These lambs are grown naturally and not fed on chemicals or unnatural grains. The slow-roasted lamb is a popular dish in Iceland. This delicacy is a favorite and is specially prepared on occasions or festivals to celebrate. So, ensure you taste this most authentic dish of Iceland on your trip. 

Recipe for Slow Roasted Lamb 

2. Skyr 

Skyr is a yogurt recipe that has cheese. It is a traditional Icelandic food that every traveler ensures to taste at least once. The yogurt is very thick and contains no fat. Iceland serves this lovely delicacy in a variety of flavors like vanilla and blueberry. People prefer adding it to their smoothie or eating it along with fruits. 

Recipe for Skyr 

3. Icelandic Hot Dog 

People in Iceland adore meat, so you must try their meat recipe on your trip. Yet another popular meat recipe from Iceland is the Icelandic Hot Dog. Tourists enjoy the lovely hot dogs with toppings and different ingredients to add to taste. 

Recipe for Icelandic Hot Dog 

4. Hákarl 

Another traditional recipe of Iceland is Hákarl. It is a fermented shark dish that is a specialty of the region. The dish has a distinctive fishy taste and a pungent smell. People prefer eating it with cocktails or other drinks. Also, if you taste it for the first time, we suggest closing your nostrils before taking a bite. 

Recipe for Hákarl

5. Svið

A unique and authentic part of Icelandic cuisine is Svið. The recipe involves cooking a sheep’s head on an open fire. People prefer having this lovely meat dish with mashed potatoes, mashed turnips, or jelly. It is a popular mid-winter recipe that every person in Iceland adores.

Recipe for Svið

6. Fish and Chips 

Iceland is also known for its famous fish and chips. It contains flour, potatoes, baking soda, vinegar, salt, and even beer in its making. The lovely food is a must-try and a comfort dinner option for many. 

Recipe for Fish and Chips 

7. Kjötsúpa

A famous Icelandic soup recipe is Kjötsúpa. The soup consists of lamb, carrots, onions, fresh herbs, and potatoes. It makes a very healthy option for dinner and a perfect recipe to soothe your taste buds. Kjötsúpa is a famous traditional delicacy and a must-try on your trip. 

Recipe for Kjötsúpa

8. Rúgbrauð

Iceland also has some special surprises for sweet lovers. Rúgbrauð is a cake recipe that is known for its unique brown texture. The bread contains rye flour, molasses, and buttermilk. People of Iceland enjoy this lovely delicacy as a nutritious dessert after their meals. 

Recipe for Rúgbrauð

9. Harðfiskur 

The unique dish is a fish recipe that is part of Iceland’s local culture. It takes after weeks of drying and fermentation to prepare this dish. This dish has a salty and sour taste that may not please everybody but indeed amazes seafood lovers. 

Recipe for Harðfiskur

10. Icelandic Ice cream 

Icelandic people adore ice cream and can eat it at any time of the day or year. One can quickly locate ice cream machines at any corner of the island. Ice creams in Iceland are a must-try if you haven’t tried them yet! 

Recipe for Icelandic Ice cream 




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