10 Most Popular Foods in Haiti

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If you are considering trying out new dishes, Haiti has some fantastic ones to offer! Haitian cuisine consists of the influence of countries such as Hispaniola, Africa, France, Spain, etc.

The dishes are made with many flavorful spices, which come out as an amusement to anybody consuming them. So, to guide you properly regarding some of the best cuisines of this country, we have listed them down for you.

1. Bouillon soup

Bouillon is a nutritious as well as delicious soup from Haiti. It consists of various ingredients such as meat, cabbage, yams, plantains, potatoes, celery, and scotch bonnet peppers. Make sure to always serve this dish hot as the word Bouillon itself means “to boil”!

Recipe for Bouillon soup

2.Poulet Aux Noix

Also known as “Poul ak nwa,” this dish from Haiti is a tasty chicken preparation consisting of unique flavors. The preparation process requires cooking the chicken in a tomato-based sauce, along with some cashews and spices. Usually, stews like these taste fantastic with some rice or cornmeal.

Recipe for Poulet Aux Noix

3. Griyo

Anybody who loves to have non-vegetarian (pork) is bound to enjoy this traditional Haitian dish. It requires marinating the pork pieces in “Epis” (a combination of Haitian herbs, spices, and veggies) and roasting it until adequately cooked. Enjoy this mouth-watering dish with some salad and “pickilz” on the side.

Recipe for Griyo

4. Tassot

Tassot is also a delicious meat preparation from Haiti. It requires marinating goat/ beef meat in a mixture of onions, lemon juice, and orange juice and then frying it properly. Haitians like consuming this dish with rice, beans, and “ti malice” (a spicy Haitian sauce).

Recipe for Tassot

5. Joumou

Joumou is considered a special soup in Haiti as the local people consume it on New Year to celebrate their hard-earned freedom. It is typically a pumpkin soup consisting of many other ingredients such as beef, plantains, potatoes, and flavorings such as parsley, thyme, etc. Preparing this dish at home is also not a time-consuming task; hence do not forget to enjoy its unique flavors!

Recipe for Joumou

6. Kibi

Kibi is a dish from Arabian cuisine and is now an integral part of Haitian cuisine. Preparing this dish requires making mini-balls out of ground beef along with some spices and deep-frying them. This mouth-watering appetizer is popular at traditional parties such as Thanksgiving.

Recipe for Kibi

7. Lambi stew

Lambi stew is a seafood preparation from Haiti primarily consisting of tender conch meat. It is cooked in a blend of savory spices for a yummy taste. Having this dish is not only good for the body but also gives a flavor of the sea!

Recipe for Lambi stew

8. Riz national

Translating to “national rice,” Riz national is a widely popular and favorite dish in Haiti. It primarily consists of rice and red beans, with different types of toppings. Make this dish easily at home and amuse yourself with its unique flavors.

Recipe for Riz national

9. Malanga fritters

Malanga is a locally produced root vegetable, and Malanga fritters are a popular appetizer in Haiti. It requires mixing the vegetable with some spices and deep-frying them until they turn crispy and golden. This crunchy snack is easy to make and is relatively less time-consuming to prepare.

Recipe for Malanga fritters

10. Labouyi Ble

Labouyi Ble is a Haitian porridge, which primarily consists of Bulgur wheat. It has a sweet and salty flavor and consists of various spices such as cinnamon, nutmeg, star anise, etc. Consume this dish for breakfast and gratify your taste buds!

Recipe for Labouyi Ble


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