10 Most Popular Foods in Guyana

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Situated in South America, Guyana reflects the culture of India, Dutch, Chinese, African, Latin America, Creole, British and Amerindian. Sweet potatoes and cassava being root vegetables are the staple food items of the country’s diet.

The Guyanese people are also very fond of seafood due to its lengthy coastline. Due to the availability of various fruits, the Guyanese population enjoys a variety of fruit juices.

1. Guyanese Metamgee

This dish is a thick soup made with cassavas, white sweet potatoes, eddoe, and plantains. The mixture is cooked upon a coconut broth which gives it a mesmerizing essence. Top the stew with duff and serve with fresh herbs.

Recipe for Guyanese Metamgee

2. Garlic pork

Brought in by the Portuguese, Garlic pork is a meat dish that needs at least 3-4 days of preparation. Chopped garlic, pepper, thyme, vinegar, and herbs are added to the pork, which is later dipped into the mixture of salt, water, sugar, and vinegar. The garlic pork is cooked without any oil and served along a pepperpot.

Recipe for Garlic pork

3. Fried rice

If you’re looking for a fulfilling and savory meal, then fried rice is the best option. Rice is cooked with carrots, onions, cabbage, bora beans, meat, eggs, and seafood. The Guyanese prefer Chinese five-spice powder, garlic, oyster sauce, scallions, soy sauce, etc.

Recipe for Fried rice

4. Pholourie

Considered as one of the best appetizers or starters during a party or get-together, Pholourie is a fried ball of split pea batter. The batter is a smooth mixture of peas, garlic, pepper, baking powder, and yeast. These cakes are served with tamarind sour, lime sour, chutney or achar.

Recipe for Pholourie

5. Tennis rolls with cheese

This is prevalent Guyanese street food and an evening snack that can be easily prepared at home. The dough is a mixture of flour, melted butter, milk, yeast, vanilla, sugar, salt, and lemon zest. Slices of cheddar cheese are filled inside the rolls and served alongside tea or coffee.

Recipe for Tennis rolls with cheese

6. Egg balls

Eggball features egg fritters coated with cassava, scallions, black pepper, onions, and garlic paste. If you are an eggetarian, then this is a must-try for you! A delicious sauce or sour like mango sour or lime sour enriches the flavor of these balls.

Recipe for Egg balls

7. Baked Plantain Chips

Nutritious and yummy, plantain chips are most loved by children due to their crispy texture. The plantains which are not too green nor too yellow are perfect for baking this chip. Paprika, grapeseed oil, curry powder, and oil give the chips a spicy and rich flavor.

Recipe for Baked Plantain chips

8. Guyanese Pepperpot

Traditionally served during Christmas or Easter, Pepperpot is a stew prepared from beef, pork, or mutton. The meat is sauteed with thyme, pepper, salt, sugar, cassareep, cinnamon sticks, and later mixed with broth. This can be served with bread or tennis rolls.

Recipe for Guyanese Pepperpot

9. Salt Fish and Bake

Salted fish have different names in different countries, e.g., Baccala in Italy, Stockfish in Africa, Bacalhau in Portugal. Salt fishes are cooked alongside tomatoes, paprika, pepper, onions, garlic, skillet, and thyme. The resultant mixture is enveloped by a golden-brown bread ball and served war,

Recipe for Saltfish and bake

10. Chow Mein

Guyanese Chow Mein comes to your rescue if you are on a diet and prefer low carbs without compensating for the taste. Marinated chicken thighs are cooked with coconut oil, accompanied by onions, garlic, carrot, scotch bonnet, bora, bell pepper, and scallion. Zucchini noodles, also known as vegetable noodles, are usually preferred for preparing this dish due to their low carb content.

Recipe for Chow Mein


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