10 Most Popular Foods in Guinea-Bissau

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If you are in the mood to have some good seafood preparations and other delicious dishes, Bissau-Guinean cuisine will come out as a treat to you! Guinea-Bissau is a small country that lies on the west coast of Africa, along the Atlantic Ocean.

The cuisine of this place majorly consists of seafood, coconut, palm nut, cassava, maize, etc., and the country imports some widely consumed ingredients such as rice. So, we have listed some mouth-watering dishes from Guinea-Bissau, which you can easily make at home or have while being in the country!

1. Abacate com tuna

Abacate com tuna is a delicious, nutritious, and easy-to-make dish from Guinea-Bissau. The main ingredients include avocados (ripe ones), coconut, tuna, milk, and tomatoes. The preparation process requires cutting the avocado into two halves, combining and seasoning the tuna with other ingredients, and serving it in the avocado shells.

Recipe for Abacate com tuna

2. Egusi soup

Egusi soup is a staple and extremely-loved dish in most West African countries. It primarily consists of melon seeds, vegetables, and sometimes meat as well. It comes out as a fantastic dish which is a must-try!

Recipe for Egusi soup

3. Fufu

Fufu comes out as a widely-consumed and essential food item in West Africa. It is a dough-like item, usually made of cassava, plantains, malanga, etc. Consume it with some stews or curries after tearing it into small pieces.

Recipe for Fufu

4. Cafriela de Frango

Cafriela de Frango is a delicious chicken preparation from Guinea-Bissau. It requires marinating chicken pieces in flavourful ingredients such as hot chili pepper, onions, garlic, lemon juice, salt, etc., and grilling the pieces well until they become slightly brownish. The best way to consume this mouth-watering dish is with some rice on the side.

Recipe for Cafriela de Frango

5. Yassa chicken

Yassa chicken is a non-vegetarian preparation that comes out as a treat to anyone who has it. It primarily consists of tender and marinated chicken pieces with caramelized onions in a savory sauce. Consume this dish with some white rice and enjoy the fantastic flavors!

Recipe for Yassa chicken

6. Fried cassava

If you enjoy having fried items such as French fries, Cassava, or Yuca fries will make your day. The preparation process is quite simple and only requires peeling, boiling, and cooking the Yuca properly. Serve these fries as a snack item and enjoy!

Recipe for Fried cassava

7. Ravias

Bissau-Guinean cuisine has an influence from Portuguese cuisine to some extent. Ravias is a popular dish in the country and is typically cinnamon cookies. It is pretty easy to make these cookies which come out as perfect tea-time snacks or delicious snacks in general.

Recipe for Ravias

8. Jollof rice

Jollof rice is a loved dish in West African countries such as Guinea-Bissau. It is typically a rice preparation, consisting of various ingredients such as tomato paste, meat, fish, palm oil, vegetables, etc. Have this delicious dish just as it is without anything on the side.

Recipe for Jollof rice

9. Palm wine

Palm wine is a standard alcoholic beverage in Guinea-Bissau. Palm is a staple crop in the country; hence the production of palm wine consists of fresh ingredients. So if you even plan to visit Guinea-Bissau, do not forget to taste their freshly-made palm wine!

Recipe for Palm wine

10. Moqueca de Peixe

Moqueca de Peixe is a delicious fish stew from the country. It consists of locally-produced ingredients such as coconut milk, chili pepper, tomatoes, etc. This dish is an absolute amusement with some white rice on the side!

Recipe for Moqueca de Peixe



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