10 Most Popular Foods in Grenada

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This Caribbean country of Grenada is surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean and Caribbean sea from all sides. Popularly known as “Spice Isle,” Grenada is well-renowned to tourists for its exotic cuisine.

Oil down is known to be the national dish of Grenada. The locals of this island depend on seafood and fish mostly. The following paragraphs talk about Grenadian delicacies.

1. Fried bake and saltfish

This easy-to-cook recipe is one of the most sought-after dishes in Grenada. This fried bake and saltfish looks like traditional fried bread to some extent. Inside the bake, there is a filling of jam, fish, or meat. This spicy recipe generally uses saltfish for the filling.

Recipe for fried bake and saltfish

2. Pelau

Pelau represents a yummy dish of Grenada. This non-veg item features ingredients like sweet peppers, carrots, brown sugar, celery, coconut milk, and so on. Some households of Grenada prepare the dish with chicken as well. The Pelau will feature some sweet flavor as well. The chefs generally simmer the recipe in coconut milk.

Recipe for Pelau

3. Curried goat

This delicious recipe is prepared with baby goat meat. The finely cut goat meat is first fried with chopped garlic, chopped onions, etc. A special curry powder is made by the locals of the island, and this curry powder makes the goat curry a savory one. The dish will taste good with a plate full of steamed rice.

Recipe for curried goat

4. Callaloo soup

This Callaloo soup is being served in Grenada since the 17th century. Apart from Caribbean countries, the Callaloo soup is pretty famous in West African countries as well. The soup tastes like spinach soup to some extent. This authentic appetizer is made in coconut milk.

Recipe for Callaloo soup

5. Grenadian Caviar

To prepare traditional Grenadian Caviar, you need a roe of white sea urchin. Though the name of the dish is Grenadian Caviar, it is a little different from the traditional style caviar recipe. This dish features a nutty flavor. To get rid of its smell, the Caviar needs to be fried properly. Tourists generally order the dish for their lunch or dinner.

Recipe for Grenadian Caviar

6. Fresh cocoa bean flesh

The cocoa bean flesh is one of the mouth-watering delicacies of Grenada island. Served as snacks in Grenada, the dish is nothing less than a fruity tart. The fresh cocoa bean flesh features a tanginess in flavor as well. Believe it or not, the dish is highly nutritious in nature. You can have it after your meal.

Recipe for Fresh cocoa bean flesh

7. Nutmeg ice cream

This yummy ice cream is actually served as a lip-smacking dessert recipe. Here, you can guess that the main ingredient of the recipe is nutmeg. This refreshing recipe is one of the most sought-after dishes for the hot summer months. The ice cream features chunks of other nuts as well.

Recipe for nutmeg ice cream

8. Crab back

Grenadian Crab back is one of the crab lover’s favorite dishes on the island. The local restaurants of Grenada serve the dish in the crab shell. To prepare the delicacy, at first, the crab meat is seasoned. Other ingredients of the dish are sweet peppers, garlic, cream sauce, and so on. If possible, serve the dish of Crab back with some crab dips. On top of the Crab back, there will be baked breadcrumbs spread over it.

Recipe for Crab back

9. Lambie souse

The traditional Grenadian dish of Lambie souse is prepared with conch meat. Generally, the dish is served as street food on the shores of Grenada. To make the conch meat spicy, the chefs add to the recipe items like onion, garlic, peppers, etc. Use a food chopper to chop these vegetables. Whenever you come to Grenada, you must taste this authentic delicacy.

Recipe for Lambie souse

10. Oil down

Every tourist coming to Grenada should try this savory delicacy of oil down. Each and every restaurant in Grenada keeps this recipe on its menu. This is actually a stew recipe that is prepared in a single pot. Other ingredients of the oil down are dumplings, coconut milk, breadfruit, turmeric, meat, fish, etc.

Recipe for oil down