10 Most Popular Foods in Greece

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Located in the southeast part of Europe, Greece is surrounded by water bodies on three sides. Many historians call this country the cradle of western civilization. Greek cuisine features some ancient delicacies.

In Greek cuisine, there is a dominance of wheat, olive, fish, pork, veal, beef, lamb, rabbit, goat, cheese, yogurt, etc. The dessert recipes feature nuts, honey, and other ingredients as well.

1. Moussaka

This extraordinary recipe of Moussaka is served in other Mediterranean regions apart from Greece. This iconic Greek recipe features various layers filled with minced lamb, tomato, onion, garlic, etc.

There will be a topping of creamy cheese. This classic Greek dish is served with some spicy potato.

Recipe for Moussaka

2. Grilled meat

You can say that Greeks are the pioneer of charcoal-grilled recipes. This authentic Greek recipe features spit-roasted meats. Grilled meat is a tasty street food dish of Greece.

The recipe features items like chopped tomatoes, chopped onions, chunks of pork, and so on. In Greek homes, women prepare the delicacy with lamb meat.

Recipe for grilled meat

3. Courgette balls

This courgette ball is actually a lightly fried ball. This patty-type dish is generally served as starters. The star of the recipe is grated courgette or pureed courgette. Among other items, there are dill, mint, etc. The local Greek chefs use great spices to prepare the recipe for Courgette balls.

Recipe for courgette balls

4. Feta and cheese

Such a dish is prepared with fresh cheese. The chefs add creamy Feta to the recipe. You can serve the Feta and cheese with Greek spanakopita. This colorful recipe is generally topped with golden-white cheese on top.

The dish feta and cheese are mostly popular as a side item. You have to order some main course with it.

Recipe for Feta and cheese

5. Octopus and fresh fish

In the coastal areas, you will find octopus being hung from the hooks for sale. The Greek people serve octopus curry on their special occasions. This octopus is mostly grilled with some savory spices. The octopus dish makes a good appetizer according to Greek cuisine.

The Greek people are dependent on fresh fish as well. They make various recipes from such fish. Like seafood, Greeks prefer their fish grilled.

Recipe for octopus

6. Baklava

This is actually a sweet recipe made with honey and olive. This pastry-like recipe features a crispy coating on the outside. This classic Greek recipe features filo and ground nuts too. The baklava contains sugar and butter as well. This Greek dessert features syrup as well. There is a flaky crust on top of the dish.

Recipe for Baklava

7. Greek fava dip

In English, the recipe is named yellow split pea puree. Popular in Santorini, this Greek dish is generally prepared during the winter months. Known for its spectacular taste, the dish has been categorized as an appetizer. The entire recipe is cooked in olive oil.

Recipe for Greek fava dip

8. Galaktoboureko

This is another crispy Greek dessert that is served on every special occasion and festival in Greece. This juicy dessert features melted butter to make it extra creamy. This is actually a custard pie which is served with a delicious syrup.

Recipe for Galaktoboureko

9. Choriatiki

Choriatiki is nothing but a fresh Greek salad. To prepare the recipe from scratch, the chefs add sliced cucumber, tomatoes, olives, and so on to the recipe. The locals add a big piece of cheese to the dish. For the dressing, vinegar, pepper, olive oil, etc., are used in the recipe. The Choriatiki makes a good starter dish.

Recipe for Choriatiki

10. Gyros

This yummy and healthy Gyro is a meat-based recipe. The dish is served with some delicious sauce, onion rings, lettuce, potato chips, etc. The classic Gyro is served in neighboring countries of Greece as well.

Recipe for Gyros



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