10 Most Popular Foods in Ghana

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If discovering new places and enjoying nature is your aim, visiting top travel places in Ghana can be a good choice. While traveling to the top places in Ghana, relishing local dishes or traditional foods is a must.

So, check the top 10 foods in Ghana that can make your trip unforgettable.

1. Jollof rice

Originates in Senegal, Jolof Rice has a unique taste. The rice is prepared with tomato sauce, and it gets orange color once it is cooked. You will love the tanginess of this food. The dish is served with meat or fish, and the dish is extremely preferred by the people of Ghana for any occasion. 

Recipe for Jollof rice

2. Fufu and goat light soup

Fufu is the national food of Ghana, and here, it is the staple food of the citizens. The dish is often served with goat light soup. The taste of this dish is made delicious with the boiling of plantains and cassava. So, during your stay in any city in Ghana, you should not miss tasting Fufu.

Recipe for Fufu

3. TuoZaafi

The citizens from the northern part of Ghana prefer grains, meat, and herbs as the prime ingredient in their food. TuoZaffi is corn dough, and the addition of cassava has made this food delicious. The dish is accompanied by soup, and it is rich with necessary food values.

Recipe for TuoZaafi

4. Banku

Banku is mainly prepared from fermented corn dough, and it tastes awesome when presented with grilled Tilapia fish. Besides using corn and cassava, the food is made spicy with diced tomatoes, onions, and pepper. The food is extremely popular among the citizens in the coastal region of Ghana.

Recipe for Banku

5. Red Red

Like the name, the dish also looks awesome, and its taste too. The prime ingredient to prepare the dish is black-eyed peas. The dish is prepared with palm oil, and thus, it gets an attractive look. Besides using peas, the dish also contains mackerel fish that adds an exotic taste to this dish. 

Recipe for Red Red

6. Waaykye

If you want to relish another Ghanaian rice recipe, Waakye can be a good option for you. This food is mainly famous among the citizens of northern Ghana. The food is prepared with beans and rice. However, you will find it more delicious if you eat the dish with fried plantain or spaghetti. 

Recipe for Waaykye

7. Chicken Chichinga

Do you like to taste some street foods in Ghana? Then Chichinga can be the best choice. The grilled meat rubbed with relishing spices has made this dish extremely popular among tourists in Ghana. So while you are in Ghana, experiencing chicken Chichinga will definitely be a good choice. 

Recipe for Chichinga

8. Plakali

Among delicious traditional Ghanaian foods, Plakali is quite popular among the citizens of the country. The food is mainly preferred by the citizens of western regions in Ghana. The dish has a starchy and sticky characteristic, and you will find it a bit sour while tasting. Well, the dish is accompanied by palm nut soup that makes it delightful. 

Recipe for Plakali

9. Kontomire soup

Kontomire soup, locally famous as ebunuebunu, is an exquisite dish that every traveler in Ghana must give a try. The dish is prepared with smoked fish, snails, and cocoyam leaves. Ebunuebunu means green green, and the dish gets its green color from the cocoyam leaves. The food also comes with excellent nutritional value.

Recipe for Kontomire soup

10. Kokonte

Among top Ghanaian dishes, Kokonte is a popular one. The preparation of the dish is extremely simple, and you can have it at a low price almost everywhere in Ghana. The prime ingredients are yam and cassava, and depending on the presence of cassava, the color of the food changes from brown to black. 

Recipe for Kokonte


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