10 Most Popular Foods in Georgia

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Georgian cuisine is a blend of Mediterranean and Greek cuisine with a tinge of Persian and Turkish flavors. Being one of the earliest Christian civilizations, Georgia has undergone foreign invasions and colonization, reflecting upon their cuisine and food habits.

If you love trying out new dishes and experimenting with food, then you check out the following cuisines exclusively made in Georgia.

1. Khachapuri

This dish features fluffy bread topped with melted cheese, butter, and eggs. The base will take the perfect form if made at home from scratch. Usually, Georgian Sulguni or Imeretian cheese is preferred during the preparation of Khachapuri due to its creamy texture. This can be seasoned with peppers, coriander and served with Chakhokhbili.

Recipe for Khachapuri

2. Khinkali

Khinkali are dumplings filled with a variety of fillings like lamb, pork, beef, potatoes, mushrooms, cheese, etc. However, they share some sort of similarities with Xiao Long Bao but are bigger as compared to the latter one. Seasoned with black pepper, Khinkali is served alongside Khachapuri.

Recipe for Khinkali.

3. Kubdari

Originated in Svaneti, Kubdari is a Georgian flatbread consisting of pork, beef, lamb, or a combination of the three. Flavour is induced into this mixture by adding salt, blue fenugreek seeds, onions, garlic, cumin, coriander, etc. The bread is generously packed with enriching filling and then rolled again into a thick flatbread.

Recipe for Kubdari.

4. Satsivi

This dish features chicken cooked in garlic walnut paste or peanut sauce which is loved by Georgians as well as Russians. The base sauce is a mixture of walnuts or peanuts, lemon juice, cilantro, chilies, garlic, etc. This goes best with rice or lavash.

Recipe for Satsivi

5. Pkhali

This can be termed as an appetizer or salad; the most common varieties of Pkhali are carrot Pkhali, Beetroot Pkhali, eggplant Pkhali, and cabbage Pkhali. The Pkhalis are balls made out of different greens and topped with pomegranates. They are usually served alongside crudites, crostini, or crackers.

Recipe for Pkhali

6. Chikhirtma

Sour and creamy, this Georgian soup includes chicken, onion, garlic, bay leaves, black peppercorn, cilantro, black pepper, vinegar, and eggs. Season your delicious warm soup with fresh coriander leaves. The prep time doesn’t exceed half an hour, so you won’t get exhausted in the kitchen while making it.

Recipe for Chikhirtma

7. Dolma

Dolmas are described as vegetables and meat wrapped by vine or a cabbage leaf. The internal filling features beef or pork, pepper, salt, parsley, rice, onions, and garlic. The Dolmas are served with matsoni or seasoned with cinnamon and garlic dip.

Recipe for Dolmas

8. Ajapsandali

An incredibly flavourful stew made from eggplants and other vegetables, Ajapsandali is one of the most popular Georgian staples. Include your favorite vegetables and spices while preparing the stew, e.g., tomatoes, onion, capsicum, pepper, garlic, cilantro, etc. This dish is preferred to be eaten cold; therefore, refrigerating overnight is the best option.

Recipe for Ajapsandali

9. Kharcho

Kharcho features beef cooked in tomato broth in addition to a variety of spices suiting your preferences. The sauteed beef is mixed with sauteed onions and celery, which is later accompanied by tomato paste. Serve your stew with fresh herbs or pepper.

Recipe for Kharcho

10. Mtsvadi

Crispy and juicy pork skewers tossed along with onions and squeezed pomegranate juice. Seasoned with salt and pepper, served alongside plum sauce and bell pepper jam. This serves as a perfect evening snack or starter during a party.

Recipe for Mtsvadi


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