10 Most Popular Foods in Gabon

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Gabon is located on the west coast of Central Africa. The country is filled with traditional cuisines cooked with special Gabonese cooking techniques. Most of its cuisines have a French influence, especially in the larger cities. Gabon also has some staple foods like rice, yams, and cassava, similar to other African countries.

For meat, the locals normally use fish and chicken. However, Gabonese are also fond of bush meats like monkeys, antelope, wild boar, etc. In this article, we have discussed the 10 most popular foods in Gabon, including their recipes. So, try them out.

1. Baked Bananas Gabon

If you love desserts and sweet dishes, then you must try baked bananas at Gabon. It is a typical Gabonese dessert that has different varieties. It is made of banana pieces with dipping slices. Other ingredients in the recipe include orange juice and eggs, which are rolled in breadcrumbs.

Recipe for baked bananas Gabon

2. Fufu

Fufu is consumed all over Africa, especially the central region. It is a thick porridge prepared with starchy root corps. In Gabon, cassava roots are used for preparing fufu. Once cooked, it is served with a side dish that is normally a meat stew.

Recipe for fufu

3. Beignets

Beignets are delicious deep-fried Gabonese pastry. This pastry is one of the French influences. It is largely eaten in France and some other parts of the world too. The main ingredients in the recipe are unsalted butter, eggs, all-purpose flour, sugar, salt, and oil.

Recipe for beignets

4. Dongo-Dongo

Dongo-Dongo is considered both a sauce and soup. Okra is the main ingredient in the recipe, while other necessary ingredients are garlic, onions, hot peppers, baking soda, and Maggi bouillon cubes. For better taste, locals also add a dish.

Recipe for dongo-dongo

5. Nyembwe Chicken

Known for its excellent flavor, nyembwe chicken is the national dish of Gabon. It is a mouthwatering stew made of chicken, garlic, tomatoes, onions, okra, palm butter or nyembwe, and chili pepper. However, for meat, you can also use beef, fish, and mutton, etc.

Recipe for nyembwe chicken

6. Chakery 

Chaker is another popular Gabonese dessert. It has a very creamy texture which is liked by all. The necessary ingredients for preparing this dessert are milk, couscous, sour cream, and yogurt. For extra sweetness, you can also add pineapple chunks. Locals love eating it after their meals.

Recipe for chakery

7. Gabonese Seafood 

Gabon has a wide range of natural resources, and seafood is one of the major ones. Spaghetti with lobster is one of the popular seafood dishes here. You can also try fish capaccio, curry sauce, stuffed crabs, and fish soup, etc.

Recipe for Gabonese seafood

8. Congo Chewies 

Congo chewies are also called Congo bars. As the name suggests, this tasty dessert has been originated in congo. However, it is largely consumed in other parts of Africa, too, including Gabon. For making this dessert, you will need sugar, butter, vanilla extract, flour, chocolate chips, eggs, and baking powder.

 Recipe for congo chewies

9. Mustard Chicken

Mustard chicken is also one of the French-influenced Gabonese dishes. It has a delicious taste and is super easy to prepare. For making mustard chicken, you will need cloves, garlic, chicken, onion, mustard, lemon, and stock.

Recipe for mustard chicken

10. Brochettes

Brochettes are one of the must-try cuisines in the country. It is largely consumed in Gabon and other countries, including Morocco. It is made of chicken, salt, olive oil, paprika, parsley, cumin, garlic cloves, and plain yogurt as the main ingredients. However, you can also try other meats too for preparing this dish.  

Recipe for brochettes


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