10 Most Popular Foods in France

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France is one of the best tourist destinations. The country has some of the best spots filled with natural sceneries and huge human-made buildings like the amazing Eifel Tower. But along with these, France is also popular for its food highly influenced by other European countries.

Its foods are full of flavor and nutrition with a great appearance. In the coming paragraphs, we have discussed the 10 most popular foods in France. We have also listed their recipes. So, if you want to cook yourself, you can do it with ease.

1. Confit De Canard

Confit de canard is one of the classic dishes of France. It is prepared by roasting duck meat slowly in its fat. This dish has a great flavor that makes it one of everybody’s favorite in the country. Other ingredients in the recipe include thyme, shallots, garlic, bay leaf, and salt and pepper.

Recipe for confit de canard

2. Soupe a l’oignon 

Soupe a l’oignon is a traditional French soup. It is made of beef stocks and onions. Once cooked, the dish is served with melted cheese and croutons. This soup has been inherited from Roman times. However, its current version is a little different from the old one.

Recipe for soupe a l’oignon

3. Steak-Frites 

Steak-Frites directly translates to steak and fries. This cuisine has both Belgian and French origins. Besides, French fries are famous throughout the world. The steak is rib eye cut. However, you will also find other types of steak on the menus there.

Recipe for steak-Frites

4. Coq au Vin 

Coq au vin is braised chicken with mushrooms, garlic, onions, wine, bacon or pork, and other ingredients. This braising suits well for tougher birds, but people also use the chicken recipe too.

Recipe for coq au vin

5. Quiche Lorraine

you can make quiche Lorraine with vegetables, meats, herbs, seafood, and even cheese. However, the most famous recipe contains key ingredients for flour, bacon, butter, eggs, and cream. Some people also add nutmeg for better taste.

Recipe for quiche Lorraine

6. Cassoulet 

Cassoulet is a blend of meat and white beans stew. Normally, the French use duck and pork, but other ingredients like goose, sausages, and mutton can also be used. You will also need nutmeg, beans, clove garlic, and salt and pepper.

Recipe for cassoulet

7. Souffle au Chocolat 

Souffle au Chocolat is a real treat for dessert and sweet-dish lovers. For preparing this dessert, you will need dark chocolate, eggs, flour, sugar, and milk. You can also use normal chocolate if dark chocolate is unavailable. It has a soft texture and a delicate sweet flavor.

Recipe for souffle au chocolat

8. Boeuf Bourguignon 

Boeuf bourguignon comes from eastern France. It is a delicious stew made of beef braised in beef broth, red wine, and vegetables such as mushrooms and onions. In the older days, people used to tenderize the meat in wine for two days before cooking.

Recipe for boeuf bourguignon

9. Pain Perdu 

Pain perdu is a popular breakfast in France. It is another version of French toast. You can make it with four simple ingredients, i.e., eggs, butter, milk, and bread. It is easy to prepare; you can try it at home too.

Recipe for pain perdu

10. Bouillabaisse

Bouillabaisse is another traditional stew made of fish as the key ingredient. It is prepared with different fishes such as eel, skate, scorpionfish, john dory, red mullet, and slipper lobster. Besides, olive oil and saffron are also mandatory ingredients here.

Recipe for bouillabaisse


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