10 Most Popular Foods in Finland

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Finland is marked as the happiest country in the world. It has become one of the most-liked travel destinations for many. Plus, Finland has some of the most delicious cuisines, and tourists admire it for this reason. Their dishes are fresh and nutritious, prepared from their local ingredients.

In this article, we have picked some of its best cuisines. We have listed the 10 most popular foods in Finland for you with their recipes. So, if you want to try them at home, then do it with ease.

1. Karjalanpiirakka

Karjalanpiiraka is one of the most popular cuisines of Finland and the locals’ favorite. This dish has been originated from Karelia. It is a traditional rye crust filled with rice porridge. People normally use egg butter for the topping. You can eat it for breakfast and snacks. You will also find it at the weddings there.

Recipe for karjalanpiirakka

2. Leipajuusto  

Leipajuusto, aka juustoleipa is a popular dessert that originated from Northern Finland. It is a cheesecake. Locals use a specific type of cheese for this dish that is widely available in the grocery stores there. Just heat the cheese in the pan and add cloudberries topping.

Recipe for leipajusto  

3. Ruisleipa

Ruisleipa is also commonly known as rye bread. It is also eaten in other countries. That’s why it may not sound interesting to you. But its Finland version is different. It is prepared with Finnish yeast that gives it a dense and dark texture.

Recipe for ruisleipa

4. Kalakukko

Kalakukko is a special Finnish fish pie. It comes from the Savonia region. The traditional way of making this food is with rye four, filled with fish, bacon, and pork seasoned with salt. When the fish bones soften, the bread is cooked in the juice of meat and fish.

Recipe for kalakukko

5. Korvapuusti

Korvapuusti gets funny when translated into English. Its translation is slapped ears. It is a Finnish cinnamon roll that is normally accompanied by coffee. This delicious bread is prepared with milk, cardamon, and fresh yeast. This sweet bread makes a great snack too.

Recipe for korvapuusti 

6. Mykyrokka 

Mykyrokka is blood dumpling soup. The necessary ingredients in the recipe are potatoes, liver, onions, salt and pepper, and dumplings. It is a local delicacy of Finland, especially its Savonia region. You can also try it in the restaurants there.

Recipe for mykyrokka

7. Lihapullat

Lihapullat, the tasty Finnish meatballs, must be on your list. This dish is also served in Sweden and other countries. However, in Finland, the recipe does not include lots of herbs and spices. Nevertheless, locals love eating it with mashed potatoes, cucumber pickles, gravy, and lingonberry jam.

Recipe for lihapullat

8. Graavilohi

Graavilohi is cured salmon, one of the most-cooked cuisines by the Finnish people. This food is prepared with raw salmon. However, salmon is cured of salt, dill, and sugar. Graavilohi is an appetizer, often served with mustard or dill sauce with boiled potatoes or on bread.

Recipe for graavilohi

9. Mustikkapiirakka 

Mustikkapiirakka, a yummy blueberry pie from Finland, is something pie-lovers should not miss. It is normally consumed in the summer months. It is made of blueberries or other berries like lingo berries. For the filling, Finnish usually use fresh milk or yogurt that makes it tastier.

Recipe for Mustikkapiirakka

10. Salmiakki

Salmiakki is a salty licorice. It is made of black licorice flavored with ammonium chloride that makes it a little salty and astringent. Salmiakki is eaten as candy. However, you can also add it to alcoholic beverages, meat, and ice cream too.

Recipe for salmiakki


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