10 Most Popular Foods in Fiji

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The cuisines in Fiji have been passed out from generation. Their dishes are filled with excellent flavors and seasonal ingredients like coconut, sea grapes, fish, cassava, taro, breadfruit, etc. From its snacks to complete meals, you will find hearty and healthy cuisines.

Besides, Indian and Chinese foods are also pretty common in the country, and the locals love them. In the coming section, we have provided the 10 most popular foods in Fiji with their recipes. So, try them or follow the recipe and cook yourself.

1. Kokoda

Kokoda is a traditional dish made of fish. Locals mostly prefer Mahi Mahi. The fish is marinated in citrus juices. Key ingredients in the recipe are onions, chilies, coconut cream, and tomatoes, etc. It is a little spicy because the people of Fiji are fond of spicy foods. It is served in either a large coconut shell or clamshell.

Recipe for kokoda

2. Vakalavalava 

Vakalavalava is a popular fijian dessert. It is prepared with grated fresh cassava, sugar, butter, and shredded coconut. The cooking process begins with sweet cassava baked in a pan, topped with custards, condensed milk, syrups, or creams.

Recipe for vakalavalava

3. Lovo

Lovo is normally prepared for large gatherings like weddings and different festivals. This dish has different varieties, including a New Zealand variety which is called hangi. A homemade hole is made in the ground, and then lovo is cooked in it. The ingredients include fish, vegetables, and meat.

Recipe for lovo

4. Rourou

Rourou is a taro or dalo leaves that have a high resemblance to spinach. It can be prepared in different ways. Once cooked, the dish gives the same consistency as spinach. It is one of the traditional delicacies of Fiji and one of the favorite veggies of the locals there.

Recipe for rourou

5. Lolo Buns

Lolo bun is a delicious semi-sweet bun. These are easy to prepare. For making the dough, you will need butter, eggs, flour, and sugar. Once the dough gets smooth, it is divided into small pieces for making the bun.

Recipe for lolo buns

6. Duruka

Duruka is commonly called the Fijian asparagus. The plant is similar to sugar cane. In Fiji, you will find green and red varieties of duruka. Besides, the plant is also available in other pacific islands and Southeast Asia too. You can add it in curries and coconut milk, etc.

Recipe for duruka

7. Babakau 

Babakau is made with flour. The dough is deep-fried. Other ingredients in the recipe are sugar, water, and yeast. Once the dough is prepared, it is transferred into either rectangular or triangular pieces. For fillings, you can use curries, grated onions, and coconut shavings.

Recipe for babakau

8. Palusami

Palusami is prepared with taro leaves or rourou. For making the dish, the leaves are mixed with a blend of coconut and meat. However, some people also use onions and corned beef too. Locals prefer corned beef because fresh meat is not easily available in Fiji.

Recipe for palusami

9. Topoi 

Topoi, or in simple words, the Fijian dumplings, is something dumpling-lovers should not miss. The key ingredients in the recipe are grated coconut or cassava, cream or coconut milk, and sugar. This mixture of the ingredients is shaped into balls.

Recipe for topoi

10. Tavioka

The cultural Fijian dessert tavioka is prepared through various recipes. The list includes boiling cassava, baking it, or using its grated form. Then, it is cooked in coconut cream with mashed bananas and sugar for better taste. Once cooked, it becomes a little heavy to consume.

Recipe for tavioka


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