10 Most Popular Foods in Ethiopia

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Ethiopia is one of the largest and most populated countries around the world. With a high population comes a wide variety of foods. That’s why Ethiopian cuisines are also popular worldwide, and both the visitors and locals admire them.

The excellent flavor of these foods makes them great for foodies. Plus, they are also very nutritious, and health-conscious foodies also enjoy them. We have picked and listed the 10 most popular foods in Ethiopia with their recipes below. So, try them and try something new for better taste.

1. Azifa

Azifa is a delicious traditional Ethiopian salad made with green lentils, onions, and chopped tomatoes. For seasoning, locals normally use pepper, salt, and lemon juice that enhance its flavor. While serving, it is normally garnished with chopped olives and toasted almonds. The best way to eat it is chilled.

Recipe for azifa

2. Injera 

Injera is a mouthwatering sourdough flatbread from Ethiopia. It is accompanied by a wide range of products and dishes. It is also consumed during breakfast. Teff is the key ingredient in the recipe. It is super quick and easy to prepare. So, it won’t consume much time.

Recipe for injera

3. Enkulal Ferfer

Enkulal ferfer is prepared with onions, eggs, chili pepper, and butter. This dish is eaten for breakfast with injera or normal bread. However, you can also eat it during other meals. It is also good and nutritious for kids and toddlers.

Recipe for enkulal ferfer

4. Doro Wat

Doro wat is a wat stew made of chicken. It is widely available in markets and restaurants. For this dish, soak the meat in water, lemon juice, and salt and then cut it into different pieces. Once cooked, hard-boiled eggs are added to the stew. However, make sure to peel off the eggs before adding.

Recipe for Doro wat

5. Tibs

Toba is a sauteed meat chunk. It is one of the go-to meat dishes of Ethiopia. Locals mostly use beef for making tibs. Firstly, beef is cut into pieces and then sauteed in oil or butter with hot pepper, onions, rosemary, and garlic.

Recipe for tibs

6. Chechebsa 

Chechebsa is a traditional dish eaten for breakfast. For preparing chechebsa, you will need chopped tortilla and mix it with berbere and butter, etc. It tastes great when accompanied by a glass of milk or tea.

Recipe for chechebsa

7. Shiro 

Shiro is a popular stew and one of the locals’ favorite. For making this, you will need broad beans or chickpeas as the key ingredients. While the recipe also includes onions, garlic, chili peppers, ginger, and tomatoes. It has a nice texture with a nutty flavor.

Recipe for Shiro

8. Kitfo

Kitfo is an Ethiopian beef tartare dish. If you love trying tartare, then you must not miss this dish. It is a ground raw beef combined with kibbe and clarified butter. Once cooked, the dish is normally served with cooked greens, aka gomen.

Recipe for kitfo

9. Kinche 

Kinche is the local name for Ethiopian oatmeal. It is one of the staple breakfasts of the country. It is made of butter and kinche as the key ingredients. However, some locals either add milk for better taste or eat it with a glass of milk.

Recipe for kinche

10. Genfo

Genfo is porridge from Ethiopia and another most-eaten breakfast of the locals here. For genfo, you should add dry-roasted barley flour in the boiling water until it gives a smooth texture with a thick consistency. The traditional way of serving this dish is to make a hole in the center and ad spiced butter to it.

Recipe for genfo


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