10 Most Popular Foods in Estonia

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Estonian cuisines are filled with hearty stews, tender meats, and delicious taste. European foods and cooking techniques highly influence cuisines here. So, whether you visit street stalls or fancy restaurants, you will find mouthwatering food everywhere in the country.

Estonia has a wide range of cuisines for both locals and visitors to try. Some of its foods are a real treat for the taste buds, and foods should not resist trying them. That’s why in the coming paragraphs, we have discussed the 10 most popular foods in Estonia with their recipes.

1. Dark Rye Bread

Among the tasty Estonian foods, dark rye bread stays on top. If you are fond of bakery items, then this dish is something you must try. It is prepared with simple ingredients like rye flour, salt, yeast, sugar, and water. The resultant food is a little moist and sweet.

Recipe for dark rye bread

2. Spicy Sprats Snack

For the fish-enthusiasts, spicy sprats’ snack is heaven. It is prepared with sprats that are the local oily fish of the country. It is widely available across the country. Visit any local fish store; you will find sprats there. Locals mostly consume spicy sprats as a snack.

Recipe for spicy sprats snack

3. Mulgipuder

Mulgipuder is an Estonian porridge. The dish consists of mashed potatoes and barley. Most people also add sauteed onions and bacon to the recipe. It is served as a main course with some side ingredients like rye bread, sour cream, etc.

Recipe for mulgipuder

4. Pea Soup with Smoked Pork Hock

Pea soup, locally known as the hernesupp suitsukoodiga, is a traditional soup mostly prepared during New Year. The broth base in this dish is prepared with garlic, onions, and smoked pork bones.

Recipe for pea soup with smoked pork hock

5. Leivasupp

Leviasupp is a thick, sweet, and creamy bread soup. It is made of mashed and soaked bread, fruit juice, raisins, sugar, and cinnamon as the key ingredients. For bread, locals normally prefer rye bread. Once cooked, the dish is accompanied by cream, milk, nuts, and fresh fruit.

Recipe for leivasupp

6. Kiluvoileib

Kiluvoileib, or in simple words, sprat sandwich, is another traditional cuisine of the country. The dish may not have a fascinating look, but it has a mouthwatering taste with high nutrition. It is normally served in gatherings and celebrations like weddings, birthdays, etc.

Recipe for kiluvoileib

7. Rosolje

This cuisine is one of the favorite salads of the locals in Estonia. It is made of bite-sized potatoes and beets, and pickled herring. The ingredients are then coated in a very creamy and refreshing dressing. Some people also include pickles, onions, smoked meat, apples, or hard-boiled eggs too.

Recipe for rosolje

8. Kama Dessert

The Kama, aka Estonian muesli, is easy to cook and delicious food. The people of Russia and Finland also love it. The Kama is already roasted. That’s why it does not require further baking. A lot of desserts are prepared with kama.

Recipe for kama dessert

9. Blood Dumpling

 The name may sound a little scary for many, but the blood dumpling is worth a shot. There are different versions of this food. It is also prepared in other countries like South Korea. However, people may refer to it with different names there.

Recipe for blood dumpling

10. Kohupiimakreem

Kohupiimakreem is a popular dessert in Estonia. The cuisine consists of cream made of curd cheese combined with sugar, whipped cream, and vanilla. It is served cold with raisin toppings and fresh berries, etc.

Recipe for kohupiimakreem


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