10 Most Popular Foods in Eritrea

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If you are planning a trip to Africa, then you must add Eritrea to your list. Along with beautiful sceneries, the country also has delicious and mouthwatering cuisines. The cuisines of Eritrea are prepared with old and traditional techniques. However, these techniques are highly influenced by other regions.

That’s why most of its dishes are similar to African countries. Besides, its foods also match Italian and Ethiopian cuisines. We have picked some of its most praised cuisines. The 10 most popular foods in Eritrea are discussed in the coming paragraphs.

1. Shahan Ful

Shahan ful is mostly consumed for breakfast. This delicious traditional food of Eritrea is cooked slowly. Fava beans are the key ingredient in the recipe that is boiled well until softens. Other ingredients include onions, berbere spices, tomatoes, lemon juice, and chili peppers. Some people also use yogurt for garnishing.

Recipe for Shahan ful

2. Injera

Injera is an Ethiopian dish. It is a yummy flatbread that is part of almost every dining table in the country. Injera is presented in different layers, while spicy stew toppings are also used in the recipe. Locals normally prepare stew with goat, chicken, lamb, mutton, or different vegetables.

Recipe for injera

3. Zigni

Zigni is a traditional flavorful and meaty stew. For preparing this dish, different spices are used. The blend of these spices is referred to as berbere in the local language. These spices are simmered in tomatoes until a specific flavor develops.

Recipe for zigni

4. Hamli

Hamli contains sauteed collard greens. The ingredients are first steamed. When tendered, different ingredients like garlic, oil, tomatoes, cilantro, onions, and parsley are added. Once prepared, hamli is served with injera bread, and the locals love the combination of both delicious foods.

Recipe for hamli

5. Alicha Birsen

Alicha birsen is the best treatment for vegans. It is one of the spiciest and tasty vegetarian foods in Eritrea. It is a lentil curry that is made of the popular berbere spice. These spices are simmered in tomatoes and onions.

Recipe for alicha birsen

6. Zigini with Injera

Zingini is another most-eaten and loved cuisine of Eritrea. This dish consists of a combination of dishes. Zigini is also highlighted above. It is prepared with lamb or beef cubes. Once cooked, the dish is served with injera which is a popular flatbread.

Recipe for zingini with injera

7. Pasta

Pasta is eaten throughout the world. However, the Eritrean pasta is prepared with the specialty. This dish came to the country from Italy. You can find pasta and other Italian cuisines everywhere around the country.  The key ingredients in the recipe are pasta and tomato.

Recipe for pasta

8. Fata

Fata is Panzanella’s Eritrean version. However, fata is not tossed with tomatoes. Rather, the locals prepare a spicy tomato stew and soak the crusty bread in it. The typical ingredients in the dish are onions, diced tomatoes, garlic, cayenne pepper, tomato paste, oil, and allspice.

Recipe for fata

9. Shiro

Shiro is a chickpea stew from Eritrea. It is prepared with powdered chickpea. It resembles famous hummus to a great extent. However, it is spiced with berbere. Some ingredients in the recipe are tomatoes, onions, and garlic. It is easy and super cheap to prepare.

Recipe for Shiro

10. Kulwa

Kulwa is a flavorful cuisine. It consists of either beef or lamb chunks. These chunks are fried with ghee, berbere spices, onions, and tomatoes, etc. Once cooked, the dish is normally served with injera and delicious sauce. Locals recommend eating it with honey wine.

Recipe for kulwa


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